Pool Alert: Steps On How To Maintain Your Pool

by Pool Builders on 04-04-2011 in Articles

A pool is great for summer. You can have loads of fun with the kids by spending quality time with them all through out the season. But there is really more to a pool than meets the eye. Using the pool is one thing-but maintaining it is another. Now you may ask certain questions like: What will happen if I opt not to maintain my pool? What is pool maintenance anyway? How often would I need to "maintain" my pool? And finally; how do I maintain my pool? Here are the answers.

What will happen if I opt not to maintain my pool?

You may think that just because your pool water is clear it makes it clean. That is not true. A pool, as we all know, is exposed to the outdoors. Now, we know how dirty the outdoors can be. Another thing is that every time we swim, all the dead skin cells that we shed gets left behind. These particles can grow bacteria and eventually viruses. Now, were not even talking about the "pee" factor. As parents, it is our responsibility to be in the know about everything that has to do with our pool - both good and bad aspects. Here's what you're up against:

• Diarrhea
• Constipation
• Ear, Mouth, Nose and Eye infection
• Yeast infection
• Allergies
• Migraine
• Poisoning and more

What is pool maintenance anyway?

Pool maintenance is the act of religiously cleaning and sterilizing your pool by using chemicals that kill bacteria and keep it in its supposed to be tip top shape.

How often would I need to "maintain" my pool?

Pool maintenance varies on the type of method that has to be done. Skimming, brushing and sweeping should be done everyday. Leaves and other debris should be removed immediately. On the other hand, injecting chemicals to your pool should be a weekly routine. It is not healthy to put chemicals on your pool on a daily basis as it may also harm you and your family's health.

How do I maintain a pool?

You will need:

• Chlorine tablets
• Chlorine Floater
• Water Test Strips
• Water Shock
• Skimmer Net
• Pool Brush
• Water Clarifier
• Algaecide

Here's how you do it:

• Skim, brush and sweep your pool everyday.
• Test the water by using the water test strips. The resulting color will tell you how dirty your water is and what steps to take to clean it.
• Place chlorine tablets inside chlorine floaters and leave it to float on your pool. Chlorine helps in killing bacteria off of your pool.
• After a heavy rain or extreme usage opt to shock your water. This will eliminate any severe growth of bacteria.
• Use algaecide to prevent algae from growing into your pool. Algae are very dangerous organisms that cause severe allergies and infections. It multiplies in numbers approximately every 4 seconds.
• Lastly, apply the water clarifier. This is an additional step to ensure that your pool water is clean and safe to use.

NOTE: Step 1 will be done daily.

The succeeding steps should be done on a weekly basis.

Pool maintenance is must for pool owners. Exercise these steps and enjoy a clean and safe pool all year long.

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