Pool Basketball Hoops - Make the Pool Even More Fun!  

by Pool Builders on 11-24-2008 in Articles

Having a backyard swimming pool ensures tons of summertime fun for the whole family. I'm sure there are many people who can relate to memories of waking up as a child and heading straight out to the pool after breakfast, only to return to the house well after the sun had gone down. Talk about having active kids!

Sad to say, many kids who have a pool of their own do get to a point where they may not see the benefit of the pool on its own - simply swimming, or playing a game of Marco Polo isn't all that fun after awhile. What's that saying? We take for granted the things which we see all the time? Unlike other children's' toys, we can't pack up the pool and put it away for a month, only to bring it out later to the fanfare of a brand new toy. No, we've got to look at other ways to punch up the fun of the pool area to keep kids seeking out the fun that is offered there.

One sure fire way to easily bring new life to your days spent enjoying the outdoors and the water is to add a special basketball hoop to the area. Kids of all ages love the challenge of shooting the ball from the water to the hoop hanging overhead. It never takes long for swimmers to get into a lively game that will keep them busy for hours. And when we live in a time where it's more and more necessary to give our kids activities to challenge their minds and their bodies, a pool basketball hoop is an ideal treat for the entire family.

Hoops that are made for around the pool come in composite materials, plastic, acrylic or fiberglass. All materials used to construct poolside hoops are weather resistant as well as UV resistant. Adjustable heights can be easily obtained in many models, making it easy to accommodate just about everyone. Many poolside hoops will range all the way up to 10 feet in height. Wow! Some designs have "wings" on the sides which will return balls that don't make it into the net. This is helpful because it keeps the kids from having to leave the pool to chase down runaway basketballs, and keeps you nice and relaxed in your poolside chair.

Bases on poolside hoops are considered to be portable. They can be filled with water or sand and rolled into a storage unit for times when you may not want the hoop out. These features make a unit like this very functional as well as family friendly! And because your backyard area is just another part of the home, giving it as much function as it can have only increases the good times you can have at home.

Poolside basketball hoops serve as a great gift giving idea for the active people in your family. They give excitement and create new interest to the pool area, and offer something new for kids (and mom and dad!) to have a blast doing.

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