Pool Blaster Aqua Broom - Battery Operated Pool Vacuum  

by Pool Builders on 06-23-2010 in Articles

Aqua Broom is best suited for cleaning rubbish, sand and algae from kiddy or wading pools, spas, hot tubs, fountains, Intex and other blow up pools. It can also be used to spot clean any pool or water application.

Aqua Broom Benefits

Aqua Broom is the best affordable, battery operated pool cleaner of the Pool Blaster chain by Water Tech. It truly is completely independent of the pool's filtration system. It connects to any standard telescopic pole. It's easy to move around the water area. As most know, cleaning these smaller or blow-up swimming pools using a backyard hose is very ineffective, slow and doesn't remove sand, filth or algae. On the contrary, using the Aqua Broom, this isn't true. It's 20 times quicker and much more effective than a garden hose. And sure, it can pick up sand, dirt and algae. It runs on 5 D cell batteries and lasts for one (1) month.

I in fact have own this product for the past four years to manage in my 18' x 48" Intex pool. Trust me, I could not have survive without it. I could not understand the entire process of cleaning my pool using a backyard hose. It wasn't picking up the debris; instead it was pushing it around, resulting in the rubble to settle down again. This clearly didn't make sense to me. Hence I started my pursuit online and located the Aqua Broom. I thought for the cost, I didn't have anything to lose for the backyard hose wasn't efficient. Well, it is 4 (four) years later and I definitely love it.

My backyard backs up to a forested area and hence, on a daily basis my swimming pool will get overloaded with leaves, pine needles and grime. I am absolutely amazed that this little Aqua Broom truly picks up the leaves, pine needles and the dirt. Yes, even the dirt. Completely awesome, huh? However, in my judgment, the draw back of this product is while it picks up the grime, it also moves some around which resettles on the pool floor. The force of the Aqua Broom motor forces some water to exit out of the motor side, which then moves the dirt away. Additionally, it is difficult to empty the reusable filter bag while your fingers are wet. I would also like to add that the batteries may possibly last more than 1 (one) month. In the summer months of May through September, I only change the batteries once and I vacuum the swimming pool around two (2) or 3 (three) times a week. All in all, I think this is a magnificent product for smaller swimming pools.

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