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by Pool Builders on 08-14-2011 in Articles

Did you know the first house that Marylyn Monroe ever owned in her lifetime was a small secluded home in Brentwood, California that she paid $90,000 for back in 1962? Her mortgage on this 2,624 square feet home was only $90 a month and it came with a kidney shaped pool in the backyard that must have beckoned at the Hollywood starlet when she relaxed around the watery edge at the end of a hard day of shooting movies. Today that home of course has escalated in value to a whopping 3.6 million dollar price tag and even though some things about the home have changed, the pool remains the same still beckoning to whoever comes near it to enter.

The dream to have a backyard built in pool is not an exclusive one to Hollywood starlets anymore. All you need for this dream to come true today is a good climate, a backyard with some space and a pool builder ready to help you make your dream a reality.

When it comes to shapes and sizes of swimming pools there are no limits. Marylyn may have preferred her low key kidney shaped pool surrounded by red tile and palm trees but the only limitation to your pool is your imagination.

A pool builder can help you envision your space and help you determine how much pool you want and need. Even if you don't have a large amount of space, you can still have a pool big enough to train in or just play in.

And if you don't have the budget of a Hollywood starlet you can still have a pool as creatively designed and unique. The days are gone where you are limited to a square pool that resembles the city pool. Today a pool can be round, oval, square, kidney or even heart shaped or Bigfoot shaped. There are no limitation s to your pool size or shape even on a tight budget.

Talk to your pool builder about your budget, space and what you want to use your pool for. If you are planning huge pool parties for a hundred or so of your closest friends your needs may vary from the person who wants a pool to cross train in or wants a pool for family fun and play time.

Finally if you have young kids who will need to be supervised around the pool, your pool builder can work with you to ensure safety features are put in place around the pool such as a locking gate, a gate alarm and even a pool alarm that will alert you if someone is in the pool.

With the proper precautions in place, there are no reasons that pool ownership cannot be a safe and fun experience for everyone and your pool builder is the person to consult to make this dream a reality, even for people who can't afford a 3.6 million dollar dream home in Brentwood.

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