Pool Builder - Select the One That Will Make Your Dreams Come True

by Pool Builders on 07-14-2010 in Articles

So summer is here, and you've decided to finally invest the money into a brand new swimming pool for your home. However, with all the factors that go into the construction of the area, it is crucial that the proper measures be taken to select the pool builder to make your dream a reality. So before you take the plunge, read up on a few tips to help you find your ideal contractor.

Step 1 - Start out by writing out a list of guidelines for your swimming hole. For example, you may decide you'd like your pool to be kidney shaped, or have three waterfalls. Perhaps you'd enjoy a hot tub. Decide what is important to you, so you know what to ask about when gathering pricing information.

Step 2 - Acquire pool builder list in the area in which you live. You can find many of these by simply skimming through your local yellow pages or by browsing the internet. You may even call up local home construction companies to see if they have any recommendations. Write down a list of contact information, and move forward to the next step.

Step 3 - Contact each pool builder candidate on your list and ask to be put in touch with the sales department. Tell them about your plans and ask to set up a meeting time to evaluate pricing and options.

Step 4 - Make sure to bring notes and your initial list to each meeting to ensure you don't forget any requirements or ideas from when you started. Ask any questions and provide discussion topics for each contractor to address. Each contractor should provide you with a proposal for the work that would take place, outlining the costs, equipment, and time it will take.

Step 5 - Once your meeting has come to a close, ask the candidates you are interested in for a list of references. Call each contact and ask about the service they received, and whether or not they would consider hiring the company again, if needed. This is a great way to evaluate the service that will be provided prior to signing any paperwork. Add the information from the conversations to your notes.

Step 6 - After you've met with each option, sit down and take a look at your candidates, comparing costs, services, and any other factors that you deem important. Choose the builder that stands out to you the most, and contact them to set up a start date.

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