Pool Building: Choosing the Right Company

by Pool Builders on 03-20-2011 in Articles

Swimming pools are engineering feats that are designed to support the weight of hundreds of gallons of water while withstanding the stresses of nature, chemicals and people. A swimming pool, if built properly, can last for decades with nothing more than routine maintenance. However, if designed or poorly constructed it can be a headache of repeated repairs, unexpected expense and lost enjoyment. The best way to ensure you receive a quality design and careful construction at a reasonable cost is to choose the right company.

When beginning your pool shopping some things to consider include: your budget, the size of your lot, how much time and money can be spent on maintenance, and what part of the country you live. Another thing to consider is whether your pool be above-ground or in-ground. An above-ground pool is typically cheaper and can be moved around where as an in-ground pool is a permanent structure. There are several different types of materials an in-ground pool can be designed and constructed with and each has different materials costs and installation processes associated with it. Depending on the type of pool you want constructed will determine how it should be maintained, and depending on what area of the country you live in, what pool equipment you will need.

For each type of pool you might be interested in, try to ask yourself these questions:

* Cost - What will this pool actually cost me; this should include design, materials, installation, along with other options like decking, landscaping, fencing, etc...
* Maintenance - This is how much work will be needed to keep it clean along with the types and quantities of chemicals needed and equipment like filters, vacuums, etc...
* Installation - This should include the process, how long it will take to install, and when you can expect to start using the pool.
* Service - Does the company you are working with take care of what they sell? And if so how well?

After you have made all the important decisions and decided what type of pool you want and have finished with the planning and designing phase of your project, you will need to choose a reputable builder. It is best to make the initial contact with an appointment at their office, so you do not end up with a fly-by night contractor working out of the back of their truck. Also make sure to ask to see their contractor's license and proof of insurance which your state and city/county agencies require them to have. Verify the license and keep a copy so if you need to file a complaint you can do so. Lastly make sure to shop around and get at least three (3) estimates from different companies before deciding on one. Make sure these estimates or bids are in writing and specify the work to be done and materials to be used along with quantity, brand, size, color, clean-up costs, etc...

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