Pool Calcium Deposits - Tile Cleaning Instructions

by Pool Builders on 01-21-2011 in Articles

Calcium deposits on the tiles of a swimming pool is a real challenge even for professionals. If you are able to hire professional pool or tile cleaning service providers so much the better because specialized equipment is utilized to more easily remove the deposits. Usually companies use a method commonly called bead blasting to clean calcium deposits off of tiles. This process is able to effectively remove calcium without harming the tiles. If you however want to try your hand at a little do it yourself project and save some money then follow the guide below for a calcium deposit free pool.

First is the list of things we need for our project, the main ingredient we will be using is muriatic acid. Be warned this ingredient is strong and has to be handled properly. In order to safely use muriatic acid one must use protective equipment like gloves, a respiratory mask and goggles. Some may think to do away with using a mask since most pools are outside and not in an enclosed space. Do not be swayed to this way of thinking, the acid's fumes are potent and harmful so one must take extra care in order not to damage our respiratory system. The goggles are needed to protect our eyes should splatters accidentally happen and gloves to protect our skin from the strong solution. After ensuring our protective gear is on get a pail and dilute the muriatic acid. Combine one part of muriatic acid to two parts of water. Do not mix muriatic acid with other cleansers as it may react unfavorably. Some individuals may get the idea that mixing two or more potent chemicals can make ones job easier, this is not generally true and most often will only result in harming the user or the surface being cleaned.

The next step is to apply the mixture of muriatic acid and water to the tile with a rag or sponge. You can then scrub the calcium from the tile. After scrubbing the tile and the calcium deposits have been removed rinse the area with water.

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