Pool Care And Ozone Sanitation Systems  

by Pool Builders on 01-03-2013 in Articles

Chlorine has been used for the sanitation of the water from commercial and residential swimming pools for decades. As time passed, there were many complaints about allergies to chlorine, respiratory disorders, and skin or eyes irritations. Many pool owners are concerned about the exposure to chlorine. This is the reason why more and more people decide to switch to alternative methods for pool disinfection.

The ozone sanitation system is an option that can be used for both types of swimming pools: above ground pools and in-ground pools. Ozone is a molecule with three atoms of oxygen. It is created in nature through the reaction between oxygen and the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Ozone is a natural sanitizer able to destroy all kinds of viruses, mold, fungus and bacteria. It represents a good alternative to chlorine in the process of water purification. Many disease control centers \ recommended the use of ozone together with chlorine for the sanitation of the water of public or commercial swimming pools.

The amount of ozone necessary for pool care is adjusted in a strict manner so that there will be no irritations for swimmers or corrosion on the pool equipment. Also, it has no visible odor, color or taste. Ozone generators are also called ozonatorsand they can be used successfully forboth pools and spas. They generate and spread ozone into the pool water while the pump runs. Although a complete purification requires some traditional chemicals, the level of free available chlorine (FAC) is dramatically decreased. A FAC of about 0.5 to 1 part per million is enough to create a background sanitizer. The purchasing costs of important amounts of chlorine will be much lower. Also, the incidence of red eyes, skin issues or strong odors complaints is reduced.

Most water ozone generators are corona discharge generators with high frequency. The ozone is generated due to the electric field created on a dielectric surface in the presence of the air which is the source of oxygen. The molecule of oxygen is divided into single atoms that are coming together to form the future molecule of ozone.

The corona discharge chips and the ultraviolet lamps are the parts of an ozonatorthat usually must be replaced. They have a rate of 9000 operating hours. Manufacturers recommend changing it once a year in order to maintain proper parameters of the generatedozone.

If you make the decision to buy an ozonatorto keep the pool water clean, you must look for a reliable company because this device is not a cheap one. Some manufacturers have released on the market a combination ofa salt chlorine generator and an ozonator. It is a two-in-one package with a double function: the ozonator produces the amount of ozone necessary to purify the water and the salt chlorine system generates the right level of residual chlorine that enhances the action of ozone. Reducing the use of traditional chemicals in cleaning and sanitizing swimming pools water is a big step forward.

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