Pool Care in Winter and Swimming Season

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If the swimming pools are taken into proper coverage in winters, they can easily be re-opened when swimming season arrives. Make sure, the cover is clean when you open it up for the next season. The debris is to be cleaned before it is opened. Now using a hose fill it up to its normal level.

Reconnect all that you have disconnected. Water actually needs to flow through the circulation system, so you need to open the skimmer line valve. After you have tested for the water's PH level, re-stock the plunge bath. The pump must be left running 24 hours a day, till the water is balanced.

Pool Winterizing

Your location determines whether or not you need to winterize your wading spot, if your location has below freezing point experiences, it is up to you to decide that it stays healthy. Water left in pipes as residues can damage pipes. Ensure that all water is drained out, blowing out the entire water from the pipes by means of an air compressor. Drain away the maximum amount of water from the heater and water. Use a non-toxic anti-freeze next, to take out all remaining water. Chemical feeders pump and heater can be disconnected to be cleaned and stored later.

Care and maintenance of tiles in winter

- The least frequented areas are to be kept covered, to avoid wear and tear. The lagoon deck can be covered with no slip mats.

- The deck should be kept clean of metal furniture. Rust from the metal chairs can stain the area.

- A leaf hose or blower will help blow out all leaves from time to time.

- Prevent any other type of staining by cleaning it up as soon as it is stained.

- Overhanging trees need to be cleared, over the deck area. The droppings from the trees will stain the tiling of the plunge bath.

- Another substance that is said to be a reason of stains would be fertilizers. Fertilizers are constituted of iron which will leave a stain that cannot be easily removed.

- Calcium deposits are usually another reason of stains. The origins to the stains are usually setting mortar or grout. A non-toxic safe and acid-free cleanser is generally used to remove the deposits of calcium and efflorescence from the tiles of the swimming hole.

- Pumice stone is another way of removal of tile stains. It is a porous, light, glassy lava stone that is used to rub over a pool stain to get it cleared.

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