Pool Cleaners - How to Use Chlorine Tablets in Swimming Pool Maintenance

by Pool Builders on 12-07-2009 in Articles

The method is simple, choose tablets that are not broken or crushed and add them to the floating dispenser. As it floats around, the chlorine tablets will slowly get dissolved maintaining perfect water chemistry. Take care not to let any tablet sink to the bottom of the pool.

The size and frequency of adding the tablets depends upon the gallon capacity of your pool. This differs according to the shape of the pool.

The chlorine tablets that come in one-inch size are generally for small pools. For them, you will have to purchase a smaller dispenser as well. Not all tablets dissolve at the same speed. When you add them to the dispenser you will see that some dissolve faster so they have to be replaced more frequently. Others take their time.

In order to be very sure that the water's Ph balance is maintained it is imperative that you test the water frequently. Chlorine tablets of different brands come with different specifications. Read the packaging carefully and follow the instructions in order to get the best result. Generally, you just need to allow the tablet to dissolve through the dispenser and then replace it with another but testing the water often will prove to be advantageous. The rule of the thumb is that the chlorine content in the pool should be around 2 parts per million. Don't fret if it gets one or three parts per million.

That much fluctuation is safe. If the chlorine content more than three parts per million, remove the dispenser for a few days. Chlorine has the tendency to evaporate from the water and the Ph balance will soon come to normal.

It is as simple as that.

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