Pool Cleaners: What to Look for When Buying Your New Pool Cleaner

by Pool Builders on 05-21-2011 in Articles

Imagine spending a long day in work. You come home to your family that afternoon. The sun is shining. It's hot outside. All you want to do is chill out with your spouse and children in the pool. But wait...the pool is dirty. You're not going to want to swim in a dirty pool now are you.

Well recently there has been leaps and bounds made in the pool cleaning industry, and these days you can buy automatic cleaners that you just drop into your pool, turn them on, and away they go. They'll clean your pool for you while you're doing other things, so your pool is nice and clean for when you want to use it.

To start, you should know that there are three different types of pool cleaners.

The first is the manual cleaner. The one with a hose that connects to your existing pool pump and filtration system, with a long pole you have to manually push around your pool yourself.

The second kind is an automatic suction/vacuum cleaner model. These also use your existing pool pump and filtration system. However, the difference with these is that you set them up, plonk it in your pool, and it moves around all its own, sucking up dirt and debris and vacuuming the bottom of your pool for you. These however use your existing pool pump, putting strain on it, and wearing it out sooner than you'd expect. Having said that, with some models you can use an extra booster pump to relieve some of this extra strain.

The third type of pool cleaner in the newer 'robot' form. Fully automatic, utilizing its own pump and filter, and its own debris collection bag. These robotic cleaners are easy to set up. Then you put your cleaner on the bottom of your pool, and watch it go. Using its own pump and filters, it does not add any extra strain to your existing in-pool pump or filters. You also don't have to have your existing pump on all the time because these new automatic robot cleaners do such a good job. Some models even have filter bags with a 2-micron mesh for filtering out algae and bacteria from the water, too.

Now obviously you don't want a manual pool cleaner. If you did you wouldn't be reading this now. So here are some further tips for narrowing down your selection.

Automatic suction cleaners are the cheaper of the two automatic types. This is because there's not much too them. The run off your existing pump and filtration system, and only do a mediocre job of cleaning. If your pool doesn't get too dirty, or you already employ a 'pool boy' or something to maintain your pool, then this type of cleaner should suffice.

If however your pool is in a position where it gets dirty quite a lot, or you maintain your pool yourself, or want it absolutely spotless and have the extra cash to spend; I would definitely recommend getting an automatic robot pool cleaner. They are efficient. They save on the wear and tear are your existing pool pump system. They clean much more effectively than the other two types of pump cleaners.

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