Pool Cleaning Basics You Should Know

by Pool Builders on 06-23-2011 in Articles

Debris builds up and strains the pool system, discoloring the water in the pool. The key to having sparkly water would be to keep it clean. There are professional pool cleaning services available, but those could cost you hundreds of dollars each year. The do-it-yourself methods are pretty simple. If you would like to save some money and enjoy fresh, clean water to swim in, follow the basics we are about to give you in the paragraphs below.

You need to schedule regular maintenance once a month. The first step to take would be to clean the filter, then get a pool rake to remove the particles that are in the water. The third step involves brushing. Scrub the side of the wall from top to bottom with a brush.

Before vacuuming, give the debris at least thirty minutes to settle. Before you turn the machine on, it is important that you have the hose in the water. If you turn on the vacuum before it is in the water, it could damage the vacuum - even small amounts of air can damage it.

When you start to smell a horrible odor and have irritated skin, this is a sign that the water does not have enough chlorine in the water. Before you just dump chlorine into the water, make sure you learn how to measure it properly.

It is important that you urge the swimmers to shower and avoid "using the restroom" while they are in the water. The little ones should have pants that are watertight in order to prevent fecal matter from getting in the water, then onto the other swimmers. Each day, you need to run the filter for at least twelve hours.

Each week, it is important that you check the chemicals in your water. Sometimes, you will need to higher or lower the pH in the water. Some signs that the pH is not doing well in the water includes skin irritation and green water. The pH level should be anywhere from 7.4 to 7.6. There are various pH testing kits available.

Having leaves in the water can cause the skimmer to become jammed. You need to strain the system and change the pressure. It is important that you rake the water at least one time a week and empty the skimmer every day. Try not to place the water too close to tree. When you are fertilizing the grass, remember that fertilizer has tons of iron in it, so it could cause rust. In order to prevent any from getting in the water by the wind, water the grass after you have fertilized it.

If you do not have any type to maintain this, then you need to hire a service to do it for you, because you cannot have this outside without giving it attention. The service will send employees to take good care of it for you. If you hire a service, all you have to do is swim in it and enjoy it and enjoy the scenery it offers.

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