Pool Cleaning Can Be Fun With Hayward Pool Cleaners

by Pool Builders on 03-18-2010 in Articles

You spend a lot constructing a pool. Most of the money goes into making the pool's inbuilt filtration and pumping system. Though hidden from view, it is the heart of the pool system. Despite this provision, pool water gets contaminated easily. Things like dirt, twigs, leaves, frogs, insects, etc. contaminate a pool regularly. Taking a dip into your favorite pool without having to worry about health risks is possible if you own an automatic pool cleaner.

Automatic Hayward pool cleaners can be the ideal solution for your needs. They are lightweight and easy to install. They offer a range of ten models weighing less than ten pounds and take less than ten minutes to install without tools.

These cleaners can be classified under three categories according to their mechanism:

Suction cleaners

These are most suited for pools located in places having a desert or tropical climate. These are ideal for getting rid of dust, small leaves, and twigs. You can get these to work by attaching them to the skimmer or a dedicated line. Hayward offers four such cleaners. They are:

* Navigator - An automatic pool cleaner with SmartDrive® steering technology which enables it to clean any in-ground pool within 3-4 hours.

* Pool Vac Ultra - Like Navigator, this too claims to clean any pool within 3-4 hours with its AquaPilot® programmed steering technology.

* SunRay - With only one moving part and no extra hoses to connect to, this cleaner has greater maneuverability. Moreover, it's small and energy efficient too.

* KingRay - This too has one moving part and uses the pool's suction to scour the pool's walls and floor.

Pressure cleaners

Pressure cleaners must be installed on a dedicated line and require an additional pump or 'booster pump'. Due to the booster pumps, these cleaners may require more power but they are more efficient and save time. Two such cleaners from Hayward are:

* Viio Turbo - This high-performance turbo driven cleaner utilizes the unique AquaDrive® technology to clean the pool faster and better. Instead of drive wheels, the Viio cleaner uses water-jet propulsion to move around a pool, taking the pressure off the pool's surface.

* Phantom Turbo - This also runs on the AquaDrive® technology and is equipped with a large intake throat and a big bag to arrest and store debris. The large bag enables quicker cleaning with cutting down on emptying time.

Robotic Cleaners

* TigerShark - It automatically powers itself down after three cleaning cycles. It employs an on-board computer for optimum cleaning.

* Hayward SharkVAC- It is the most energy efficient smart cleaner available. It can run on the energy used by a standard light bulb.

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