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Having a swimming pool in Your backyard looks great but only those who actually invest in a pool know what steps are necessary to maintain it and keep it clean. To have a pool means a long-term investment and commitment. When one finally decides to enter the project then seeking a proper company to build it makes a first step, but not the most essential one. The real engagement begins when the pool needs to be maintained.

Henderson (Nevada) is a city famous for extremely hot climate and it is reasonable that the city itself has many pools, whether public or private. Therefore, many companies related to pool cleaning have been established in Henderson. All of them can offer You different Pool Cleaning Plans. Such plans vary from company to company and they depend on how much one is ready to pay for the service and how often does one want the pool to be cleaned and maintained. Henderson pool cleaning companies can offer You: one time pool cleaning service, quarterly service, weekly service or weekly-full service cleaning.
Pool cleaning service mostly considers many actions and among them there are several important:

-Skimming the surface ( using the long-handled net )
-Vacuuming the pool (to keep water clear and reduce the amount of chemicals)
-Brushing the walls and tile ( minimizes algae buildup and calcium deposits)
-Cleaning the filter of the pool ( at least once a year)
-Adding Chemicals ( in accordance with the level of water in Your pool)
-Make skimmer baskets empty

ONE TIME POOL CLEANING SERVICE is a kind of a service for all those who do not use their pools so often. Then they schedule this kind of service. It considers skimming the surface, vacuuming, brushing walls and tile, emptying pool basket and cleaner bag, adjusting the water chemistry (but chemicals are not included) and backwshing filter. This kind of service costs around 80$ + costs for chemicals.

QUARTERLY SERVICE is for all those who take care of their pools on their own.It is 4 times a year. The company does a preparation for summer and ensures 'winterizing' the pool to prepare it for cold weather. Costs for this kind of service vary from company to company and they are mostly arranged with the company in person.

WEEKLY SERVICE represents a pool cleaning plan for all those who have a high budget, who do not want to take care of their pool on their own. This kind of service includes chemicals only or a full-cleaning service. In the first case, the company buys the chemicals and takes care of their distribution and the second case represents salt water and chlorine service.

What is important to emphasize is that pool cleaning service depends on the size of the pool. Thus, when it comes to weekly service, company buys and adds chemicals to Your pool and this kind of service costs between 75-90$. In most cases it includes checking water for a proper chemical balance, adding chemicals as needed and inspecting pump and equipment.

When it comes to weekly full-cleaning service, company does everything instead of You. They would: check water for proper chemical balance, skim the surface, add chemicals as needed, backwash and recharge filters, inspect pump and filters, brush pool walls and tile, remove debris from pool, clean filters once a year, prepare Your pool for summer, winterize the pool... Such a service costs between 100-150$ a month, of course depending on the size of the pool.

If You have considered all these factors and You still want to have a pool in Your backyard then feel free to contact one of the companies that offer pool cleaning and make a contract for any of the service offered.

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