Pool Cleaning Made Easy With Cartridge Filters

by Pool Builders on 08-17-2010 in Articles

The use of swimming pools is intensified at homes with the use of cartridge filters. The reason for it is that it is possible to keep pools clean and well maintained with the installation of cartridge filters. The filters are capable of distilling out dirt particles that are minute in size and its filament is made such that it can trap everything starting from mineral, microbes and algae. So, nothing is left suspended in the pool water.

Cartridge filter is also easy to install in ponds and just anyone can do that as there are no hassles involved. People can simply buy and place the filter in slots so as to start the filtering process. Such filters can be purchased online and people just need to place online orders so as to get the filter delivered at their homes. The installation process is simple and it just takes a few minutes to get the filter completely fitted.

The Waterway cartridge filters have become very popular these days. On installation of the filter, Swimming pools remain safe and crystal clean. It s a multidimensional pool product and does multiple functions. It cleans pool water, maintains the pH balance and keeps alkalinity levels stable. The filter is widely being used by home pool users as it is a very effective way to maintain ponds.

Cleaning the clogged cartridges of these modern filters is not a difficult job. Whenever, the cartridge gets clogged with impurities, they can be easily cleaned with the help of a garden hose by spraying jets of water. The impurities that deposits on the surface get released on flushing water stream on the cartridge surface. When this is done there is no longer the need to make use of muriatic acids. However, the acid use becomes compulsory in case there are sticking elements that do not get released by simple hosing. These filters have made pool maintenance more easy than it used to be before.

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