Pool Cleaning Methods  

by Pool Builders on 10-11-2009 in Articles

Keeping a swimming pool clean and sparkling requires a good deal of maintenance. Besides the chemical composition of the water, dirt, leaves, debris, and dead bugs have to be kept out of the pool. This second part is often the most time consuming and labor intensive. Often times, it can be hard work keeping out all of the dirt that settles on the bottom of the pool along with the leaves and bugs that can float on the surface.

We will take a look at how to keep a pool clean while trying to utilize automatic pool cleaners to help reduce the time and labor required.

The Water Surface

Anything that falls into the pool and floats is a nuisance -- and all of that debris is very easy to spot. Keeping the surface clean is best done in two parts. First, the pool filter that circulates and cleans the water will often help skim the surface. The filter works best if it is periodically emptied and clean, a full filter won't pull out anymore dirt from the water.

For anything that the filter cannot take care of, manual skimming is often required. Using a skimmer on an extendable pole, this part is often the most time consuming. Larger pools can take a long time to skim, and dirt will always find its way in. The best method here is prevention; covering a pool that is not in use will dramatically cut down on the dirt floating on the surface.

The Pool Surface

All the dirt that makes its way into the pool and sinks eventually builds up on the floor of the pool. Standard filters will not suck up this dirt and it is typically very fine and is very easy to kick up if the water is disturbed. This makes cleaning a hassle. The standard way is to attach a pool vacuum to the pump and filter. This vacuum uses the pump to pull water through a head, just like a vacuum.

Here is where automatic pool cleaners can be used to make this task much easier. When a pool is first constructed, an in-floor cleaning system can be installed. Water heads are installed on the floor and will shoot jets of water along the floor, pushing the dirt into a central drain that leads to the pool's pump. This method is extremely effective and quick, but can only be put onto a new construction.

For existing pools, automatic pool cleaners usually come in the form of automated vacuums. Like the manual version mentioned above, these vacuums pull water into the filter through a hose. The unit is mounted on rubber treads and runs on an insulted power cord or water tight batteries. The vacuum automatically moves throughout the pool, systematically cleaning the floor. The best models can be run without supervision and will have the pool cleaned by itself.

When it comes to keeping dirt out of a pool, the best methods involve using automatic pool cleaners. They will take the labor out of pool maintenance, allowing homeowners to enjoy the season.

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