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by Pool Builders on 11-05-2012 in Articles

Having a swimming pool in your property is really awesome. But, it is also a luxury and one must also be able to maintain it well and clean. The pool needs proper cleaning and maintenance, otherwise, what supposed to be fun, ends up becoming a nightmare. If you do not maintain your pool, then you will not be able to use it. Even though there are pool cleaning materials and equipment that can be found in the market, those are not enough. Cleaning a pool takes time. Some could even say that it is actually a project. If I want to spend time by the pool, that would be relaxing, not working. No wonder why people invented the pool cleaning business.

A pool cleaning service business is a good investment idea. If you are considering that your own, then the first thing to do is to take a look at your local community to see if there is a need for a pool cleaning service. If you have a neighbourhood that has pools or a nearby area with pools but no one to clean for them, then you have a market. At the end of the day, everything is about supply and demand right?
However, if you find that other companies have been already servicing that need in your area, do not get discouraged. Another variable to consider is customer satisfaction. Maybe, there is already people offering the service, but not up to the standard of those clients' expectations. If a little research tells you that this is the case, then time and again, you have a market.

If you have some capital to spare, you can start by buying out pool cleaning materials and apparatus. If you have only limited funds, then you can start by offering purely cleaning services since most households already have their cleaning chemicals and equipment. Starting out is the hardest part but as you go along, you will learn the tricks of the trade and you will find out where and how you can improve. Start offering services among those you know, they will refer you to others and so on until you have a huge network of clients who requires a recurring pool cleaning service. Sounds pretty easy, right? Well... let's not jump on early conclusions.

Before having a steady stream of clients who will be able to let you pay your bills and expand your pool cleaning service, the first thing to do is to make sure that you are able to bill and track the payments made by your clients. If you do your homework and the little research surggested here, then you will notice that one of the frequent complaints is about how businesses invoice the customers. So, do not incur in the same mistake.
If you are looking for an accounting software to bill your new customers every period, maybe you are not quite aware of what your real needs are, and in this case what we are about to offer may not be for you. eBillingMadeEasy is purely an invoicing application. It is a smart start through which you will be able to quickly and easily send eBills to your customers. This is an extremely user-friendly web-based application, which means that you can access it anytime, on any gadget with an Internet connection. How does eBillingMadeEasy work? A very simple process is involved here. You sign up on the website, enter your customer details and send a bill to their e-mail address. This is a convenience that your clientele will certainly appreciate.

How is this service different from others? With eBillingMadeEasy, you do not have to worry about the debit and credit columns, expenses, and other accounting stuff. What you will get: customer details and tracking invoices and payments.

You no longer have to worry about delayed and late payments because the invoice has not yet arrived or has been misplaced. On the part of your client, they can easily pay you because they can use their credit card in a PCI compliant environment online. Since credit card payment processing charges are substantially reduced due to the great rates offered by our gateway partners, it is a small price to pay in exchange for getting payments on time. You can save a lot of paper and reduce the stress of having too many files. You no longer have to hire more employees to do the billing because you can do it yourself. You save time and money and these can eventually be used in expanding your business. Not mentioning your happy customers, who will be thrilled by the convenience provided, leading to exponential referrals to your new prosper and successful endeavour.

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