Pool Cleaning Services - You Dont Need Them Now, With These 4 Simple Steps

by Pool Builders on 11-09-2007 in Articles

Now you can get rid of your Pool Cleaning Services for good!

Don't you hate it when someone always seems to have a perfect pool all the time and all you seem to get is nothing but trouble. I'm about to reveal to you the 5 essentials of swimming pool maintenance that will guarantee you a carefree swimming season. This is something you can do all by yourself.

1. Water Circulation

Your Swimming pools water must be circulated so that your chemicals can work effectively. Its harder for bacteria and algae to take hold when the there is heaps of circulation. Another added bonus is that more junk is caught in your filter due to the pump running longer. The best time to circulate the water is during the day for about 10-12 hours during swim season and about 6 hours in the off season.

Obviously some countries it gets cold enough for the pool to freeze so disregard the off season advice and winterize your pool.

2. Filtration

The filter is the heart of the pool. It is very important. It will remove visible junk in your pool and it will even remove stuff that is too small to see. If you have a sand filter, it is advisable that you backwash it whenever the Pressure gauge reads 8-10 PSI above clean. The same goes for other types of filters. But it is always a good idea to follow the manufacturers guidelines.

3. Cleaning Your Pool

Your swimming pool will always have areas that have little or no circulation. Its always a good idea to bruch the walls and floor at least once a week. So that algae cannot begin to grow. Even if you have an automatic pool cleaner. If you dont have an automatic pool cleaner don
t forget to vacuum the bottom of the pool just as regularly as you would brush the pool.

4. Testing Your Pool Water

Getting your water right is like hitting a constantly moving target. Thats why you need to test your water at least 2-3 time a week to make sure everything is ok. At bare minimum you need to keep the pH and sanitizers (Chlorine etc) at the right levels all the time. Then every couple of weeks you can take a test into your local pool shop for a full analysis. You can always buy a really good test kit if you don't want to see your local pool store and do it yourself.

Well there you go...follow these 4 simple steps and you can get rid of your Pool Cleaning Services

Each of the 4 steps I have provided will keep your pool in top shape all year round. Just remember that if one of these steps are neglected you can expect some sort of problems developing in your pool.

Take care and Enjoy your Swimming Pool...

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