Pool Cleaning Tips

by Pool Builders on 08-02-2010 in Articles

Do you know that a swimming pool is not as simple as having one?  Or do you know that having a swimming pool built is as easy as having a bathtub? Here are some pool cleaning tips I may want to share with you before you move on having one.  This is because most people having the thought of getting a pool built in their area have the perception that pool maintenance can be that easy.  See if you think you can handle it.  But I tell you, these are very easy.  If you want your pool to look great and be sparkling clean, I suggest you continue reading.

Some of the tips I want to share with you is making it a place for refreshment and fun.  How?  Make it clean.  First and foremost, clean the water and remove debris floating around and even those which have sunk to your swimming pool tile floor.  That debris can also be removed by the use of a pool skimmer.  Aside from the skimmer, you can make a net with a long handle which you can manually use to remove leaves and any floating objects, making sure they haven't settled to your tile floor yet.

Also, getting a vacuum can be very helpful.  This is one among many pool cleaning tips that you dare not miss.  Vacuum can easily attract unwanted objects floating around your pool.  But not just that, it also absorbs those which have already settled on your tile floor.  Both your skimmer and your vacuum have filters and baskets which usually get covered by debris when not cleaned.  Thus, in addition to this pool cleaning tips is to clean your filters or strainers as well as the basket of your skimmer.

You will also have to decide how long you should replace the water.  Once you decide to, an addition to those pool cleaning tips mentioned above is to have all the walls and floor tiles brushed.  This way, your pool will be as clean as it can be before you fresh water back to it.  Brushing the floor and walls also helps the water to have a long term clean lifespan.

Also, one factor that helps your swimming pool water have a crystal clear water is for you to monitor its alkalinity level.  If you think the level has gone down, you can use baking soda by pouring it into your pool.  On the other hand, a dry acid can help you pull the level down if in case it has gone up.

No one can beat a swimming pool cleaned and maintained daily.  As you know that pool can be a lot of fun, then so you are called to invest for this fun.  I would also think that it isn't that hard to clean the pool if you do clean it regularly.  So if I would summarize this by sharing you my pool cleaning tips, I would say that cleaning your pool daily would mean a little to less effort than cleaning it on a weekly or a monthly basis.

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