Pool Cleaning To Keep It Swimmable  

by Pool Builders on 07-30-2013 in Articles

In order to keep your water swimmable, you'll need to be conscious of pool cleaning. You'll also need to think about maintenance and safety. You may choose to take care of all tasks yourself or hire a service where professionals maintain everything for you. When proper care is taken, you'll have years of enjoyment in your very own backyard.

How to Keep It Clean

Pool cleaning takes time, energy, and know-how. Having a cement pond in your own backyard isn't the same as swimming in the ocean or leaving a glass of water on the table. It is a fluctuating entity that requires your attention to stay useful. Oceans have their own ecosystems and are cleaned by Mother Nature. The waves ebb and flow to create a natural skimming and vacuuming system. A glass of water can't compare, either. It's small and disappears quickly by evaporation or consumption, unlike a pool's liquid. In order to keep your backyard swimming water clean, you'll need to vacuum it, skim it, and maintain the proper chemical balance.

The Chemical Balance

If you don't maintain the proper chemical balance, the water in your backyard can turn ugly fast. It can become murky, discolored, and become a breeding ground for bugs. If too much chlorine is added, it can sting the eyes of anyone who dares to swim in it. Too much chlorine can also discolor swimsuits and even turn swimmers' hair odd shades of green. You'll need to maintain the correct PH balance, alkalinity, and add chemicals such as muriatic acid, bromine, and oxidizers.

Equipment Maintenance

Pool cleaning is not only done by skimming and chemicals, it's done by equipment. There are pumps, motors, and filters that need to be maintained and repaired. If your system includes additions such as water features, automatic skimmers or vacuums, and/or underwater lights, these will need to be maintained to remain functional. Broken pumps and filters can lead to murky water very quickly.


In addition to keeping everything spic-and-span and well maintained, it's important to be conscious of safety. Not only will this protect swimmers, it will protect your liability, as well. Keep everyone safe by installing alarms, erecting fencing, and providing non-swimmers with life-jackets, when necessary.

Owning your own swimming oasis can provide plenty of cool and refreshing entertainment. Your job is to keep it swimmable by focusing on pool cleaning, maintenance, and safety. In order to do this, it may be wise to hire a weekly service. Professionals know how to keep the water crystal clear, and keep all systems functioning for years.

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