Pool Covers: Saving Time, Money, and the Environment  

by Pool Builders on 09-03-2012 in Articles

People choose to purchase swimming pools because they offer hours and hours of fun for all members of the family and friends. Nonetheless, despite all the advantages associated with pools, these water facilities do require proper maintenance all throughout the year. A great solution for reducing the burden of high maintenance and also decrease the costs is a pool cover.

1. It reduces the amount of time spent on cleaning the pool A pool cover can keep all sorts of debris away from the water, including leaves or rubbish. There are special covers designed for this purpose, called leaf and debris covers. They are made out of weaved fabric and they overlap the whole circumference of the pool and are fixed at designated intervals. The fabric is so finely weaved that this covers manage to keep away even dust. Solar covers have a texture similar to bubble wrap and although their main function is to increase water temperatures, they also manage to keep some of the debris away from the water. In both cases, the time spent on cleaning the pool is significantly reduced.

2. It can extend the swimming seasonDepending on how much sunshine there is on a certain day, a solar cover can increase the temperature of the pool water by up to 8 or 15 degrees Celsius. In order to take the most out of this function, make sure that you place the cover each night; in this way, the water will be warmer every morning.

3. It protects the environmentSolar covers help reduce the loss of water caused by evaporation by up to 97%, thus reducing the need for the owner to draw water from the city's supply or to harvest rain water in order to compensate for the loss. To a lesser extent, even a leaf and debris cover can somewhat reduce the amount of water lost through evaporation.

4. Pool covers reduce your costs Pool covers also have the property to reduce the amount of chlorine needed. If you have an automated chlorinator installed, a pool cover will reduce the amount of time it needs to run, thus reducing energy bills. Through the process of evaporation, chlorine is also lost and a pool cover helps prevent this. Costs are further saved by the fact that the volume of water needed to be replaced is lower.

If a solar cover is used, money can be saved on energy bills, as this type of cover harnesses the sun's rays in order to warm up the water. A cover also retains heat, thus reducing the period of time the heating system needs to run.

Purchasing a pool is without doubt quite a big investment for most homeowners. Nonetheless, the enjoyment such a facility provides you and your family is priceless so the investment is well worth while; and with easy tips, such as the use of a pool cover, you can significantly reduce the upkeep and maintenance of any pool and increase its lifespan.

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