Pool Covers: The Best Fit for Your Pool  

by Pool Builders on 09-03-2012 in Articles

There are countless reasons why pool owners choose to purchase a pool cover. One of the most important reasons, at least for owners with children, is safety. Children are the most prone to sustain an accidental death by drowning, even under parent supervision. The shame is that most of these accidents could be prevented with easy safety measures such as fences or pool covers.

Other reasons people buy pool covers include reducing costs for upkeep, decreasing the amount of time spent on maintenance, keeping the pool clean or protecting it from bad weather. And the great thing is that by purchasing a pool cover you don't get just one of these benefits, but all of them.

Nonetheless, there are various types of pool covers and they all differ, not only in use of materials, durability, strength, or quality, but also in function. For example, if you want to prevent accidental drowning and protect your children and pets, the right choice would be a pool safety net.

Safety nets do not keep leaves or other debris away from the water, but it is perfect for the summer time. It prevents accidents and it can be easily taken off any time you want to take a swim. Choose one with a small weave and make sure the tension is right when you install it. Ideally, you should pick one that is safety rated.There are nets that not only act as a safety measure, but also help keep the pool clean. Mesh covers have a very tight weave that keeps leaves, debris, and even dirt away from the water, while still ensuring that no one falls in accidentally.

If you are looking to buy a pool cover, make sure you only choose something made out of a premium material. For example, hot vinyl and polyester scrim make a durable combination that has a very long lifespan and that will keep everyone safe for years to come. Other materials to look for are double webbings, reinforced stitching, stainless steel hardware, and corrosion-proof end caps. Covers with these features are stronger and more durable than other models.

Apart from fabric covers, you can also find solid ones, which are operated manually or automatically. Automated covers sell for higher prices, but they are easier to use and much more convenient. All you need in order to cover the pool in a matter of seconds is to push a button. All types of pool covers help reduce maintenance and upkeep, but automated ones reduce electric bills and use of chemical substances by 80%. This is bound to make your afternoons by the pool side a lot more enjoyable and worry free.

It really does not matter why you choose to buy a pool cover because it is an investment that you will surely not regret and that will bring you numerous benefits. You reduce costs and time spent on maintenance while also increasing safety for you and your family. What more could you ask for?

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