Pool Deck Owners - Here's The Best Resurfacing Solution For You  

by Pool Builders on 05-12-2009 in Articles

As a pool deck owner, even you know that it needs proper care and management on a sustained basis. This involves staining, coating or some other protective measure against the extreme elements.

Your pool deck's biggest enemy is damage from water. For this reason, your swimming pool deck requires the maximum protection from water than any other enemy. Most pool deck coatings are heat, water and cold proof, but few give you one more benefit-a hue that you would like.

The market is full of coatings for every kind of decking material, but some kinds of decks need to be decorated more than others. Apart from wood decking, you can opt for concrete, vinyl or aluminum too.

Choose your pool deck coating: There are many competitive pool deck coating products, some for wooden decks and others for concrete. Obviously, you have to go with what you have-for example, wood coating for a wooden deck. But at the end of the day, choosing a pool deck coating is all about how much you're willing to pay and how far you can stretch your dollar.

Often, you may pay for superior swimming pool deck coating material which assures you of being a one-time application. Others promise resistance from water or sun or heat. But how far can one believe these promises and assurances? For one thing, it's a major expense, so it's important to be sure of what you're getting into. Then, you can't find any reliable consumer reviews of these products online.

So, the next best thing to do is to rely on the advice of your pool and decking professional for the best coating device. He can help with advice and perhaps point you to the best decorative coating product in the market today, called Quartzdek, manufactured in Gainesville and Florida. Slip-resistant, low maintenance and tough, it will prevent any crack from forming. And in the rare event that a fissure does develop, it will mask that fissure so beautifully that you would never know it's there, nor will it lead to any further problems.

Of course, there are alternative decking materials such as vinyl, aluminum or concrete, which are so hardy that they don't need repairs as often as wood decking does. But when you have Quartzdek, which is made of colored quartz, you can understand that the color of your pool's coating will never fade. Besides, Quartzdek is simultaneously flexible and resilient: flexible to expand and contract without causing cracks, and resilient to crack formation.

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