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by Pool Builders on 07-29-2007 in Articles

Here are some of the things you might want to consider when choosing a pool deck for your swimming pool.

Inclusive options: Probably the standard-bearer for convenience, safety and flexibility, inclusive pool decks (decks that come with the pool purchase) are cost-effective ways to have your pool ready the instant it is installed. Above-ground pools from Kayak Pools Midwest, for example, offer security fencing, swing-up safety ladders, no-slip surfaces and integrated deck designs that fit both your pool and your budget. What's more, advanced materials are virtually maintenance free.

Treated decking: Installing a treated deck--though more involved--is an option that allows additional customization. Much like your pool installation or any major addition to your home, installing a treated deck requires adherence to local building codes and design approval before beginning work; however a wide array of designs are possible with treated lumber that requires regular water seal maintenance.

Maintenance Free (composite) Decking: Though uniformly more expensive than inclusive decking or treated lumber, composite decking materials offer a maintenance-free alternative with the same customization options. That means, the material looks similar to wood, can be cut and fastened like wood, but is actually a weather-resistant material that eliminates the need to seal the deck structure.

Ultimately, your choice of pool decking comes down to personal choice and whether or not the added expense of a treated or composite deck is worth the investment above and beyond the inclusive option available with many swimming pools. Your swimming pool dealer can review inclusive options with you, and possibly recommend qualified companies to handle the installation of a treated or composite pool deck.

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