Pool Drowning Prevention

by Pool Builders on 05-21-2010 in Articles

Did you know...

* Drowning is the leading cause of death for infants and young children in 18 states and, nationally, ranks 2nd only to automobile accidents, claiming lives of approximately 4,000 children each year and leaving another 12,000 with some form of permanent brain damage.

* A swimming pool is 14 times more likely than a motor vehicle to be involved in the death of a child age 4 and under. (Orange County California Fire Authority)

* Children aged 1-4 are most likely to drown in hot tubs, spas and swimming pools.

Do you have small children or pets that run around your in ground pool? Be prepared to prevent an accidental pool drowning with the Pool Protector alarm unit. This is an electronic pool monitoring device that will sit on the deck of your in ground pool. It will alert you by a loud pulsating alarm that water movement has been detected. So if your running child or pet accidentally falls into the pool you will know immediately. Seconds can save lives!

The poolside alarm unit is portable, self-contained, light weight and easy to use. It operates on a 9 volt battery which will last you one season. When there is water movement in your pool the unit will detect it with an electronic sensor and sound the loud pulsating alarm. Also included is a remote receiver which can be located up to 200 feet away from the base unit. The remote unit will also send out an alarm when water movement is detected so detection can be monitored from inside of your home. The unit comes with a 12 volt power supply.

The poolside unit can be put in sleep mode while the pool is being used. Once in the alarm mode any attempt to tamper with the unit will send out the loud alarm. This way you will always know when someone is in your pool unsupervised.

Package includes:

-Remote receiver
-Alarm Stabilized Pin (ASP)
- Magnetic key
-Operating Instructions Manual

Protect your family today for only $159.00

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