Pool Enclosures Keep Your Family From Being Attacked by Bugs - Screen Repair is Sometimes Needed

by Pool Builders on 10-08-2009 in Articles

Drive through any neighborhood in the state of Florida, and it won't take long to see that the swimming pools are all covered with pool enclosures or patios. The fact that at any given time, you can also find a large swarm of mosquitoes flying around is one big reason why they exist as well. These pool enclosures are built over top of the pools so the home owners can enjoy their pool without having to deal with the constant swarm of bugs Florida offers. Sometimes, even sitting on your porch without a cover can be extremely difficult. Unfortunately, because things break, having to do a screen repair is part of the process at some point.

The material that the screen is made from is mostly nylon that has a plastic coating applied to it. The great thing about the enclosures though is that because they are aluminum, they won't rust. So basically, unless a hurricane comes and knocks it down, the structure will out last your house. But what do you do when you get a tear in one of the screens or they just get old and start to grey?

In order to do a proper screen repair on a pool enclosure, you have to know what your doing. The aluminum material that holds the screen, contains spline that hold the screen in. There are special tools needed to properly get the spline to stay in the groove.

Many people try going to Home Depot or Lowes to buy the materials to do this themselves, but that is just going to add to the frustration of the home owner, due to the materials and tools being inferior. There are also many different kinds of screens that one can choose.

While the standard screen repair calls for a 18X14 mesh material, many times people will decide to get material that is a 20x20 mesh. This just means the hole in the screen is smaller. There are also privacy screens that people can opt to use when repairing their pool enclosures as well as shade giving screen called Sun Screen.

Usually, the screens that are placed in the top of pool enclosures will last anywhere between 8-10 years before needing to be replaced. The screen in the side panels will last a little longer at about 10-12 years. Of course you may need to have a screen repair done here and there as weed eaters and squirrels tend to cause damage.

These pool enclosures come in the colors of bronze and white. Most people prefer the bronze color due to the fact that when the screws begin to weather it blends in a little better. The bottom line is without one of these pool enclosures over your pool in Florida, your just not going to get the enjoyment out of your pool you could. The insects will eat you alive.

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