Pool Enclosures Will Allow Your Family To Stay Bug Free - Screen Repair Is Part Of The Up Keep  

by Pool Builders on 11-04-2009 in Articles

Take a spin through any given neighborhood in the state of Florida and you will soon notice that all the swimming pools are covered by pool enclosures or patios. If you keep watching, you'll probably notice that humongous swarm of mosquitoes roaming the area, and which is probably the number one reason for those lovely pool enclosures and patios.

The pool enclosures are built to allow the home owners to use the pool without sharing this enjoyable time with any of the myriad of bugs that also populate the state. At times, just sitting on an uncovered porch is very challenging. However, the screens will suffer some damage, and screen repairs will need to be done sooner or later.

Most of the time the material used to make screens is nylon that has a plastic coating applied on it. The excellent thing about enclosures is that since they're made of aluminum, they will not rust easily. So, the enclosures are prone to last a very long time, unless they suffer the misfortune of going through a hurricane. However, when you find a tear in a screen, or they just start getting old and turning grey, do you know how to get them repaired?

For a screen repair on a pool enclosure to be done properly, you need to have adequate knowledge of what you are about. The aluminum that is used to frame the screen has a spline to hold it stretched from one end of the frame to the other. Needless to say, to have the spline stay in that groove will require having special tools.

Some people will try to do repairs themselves, and the materials that they buy at Home Depot or other home improvement stores are not made of the best quality which will make the home owners more disgruntled with the project. With so many types of screens being used you can't be sure you're choosing the correct one.

Although the standard screen repair necessitates a 18x14 mesh material, people often decide to go with a material that's a 20x20 mesh. All this does is make the hole smaller in the screen. In addition, the screen choices that people can make when fixing their pool enclosures include privacy screen and Sun Screen, which provides shade.

Pool enclosures have a screen that is postioned over the top of it and will hold up as long as 8-10 years before it may need to be interchanged. Actually the side panel screens will last some 10-12 years, a bit longer than the top ones. Naturally, screen repair may be required from time to time as things such as weed eaters and squirrels damage the screens.

When ordering a pool enclosure you have color options of white or bronze. As time goes on the screws that hold the enclosure together tend to weather, and for this reason most people go with the bronze color becuase it will match better. Your choice is simple - if you're living in Florida and don't have one of these pool enclosures, you will not be able receive as much enjoyment from your pool as you should. The hordes of insects will dine on you.

If you live in Florida, then you most likely have a pool enclosure. At some point you will need a pool screen repair to allow you to keep it bug free.

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