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by Pool Builders on 09-01-2011 in Articles

Your pool equipment is the most important aspect to keeping any swimming pool properly maintained. Even if you are keeping your chemicals at the correct level, without your system running, your pool will be a disaster. Consumers also need to know how to run and maintain their equipment. There are many components in the system which all work together to keep that pool sparkling.

Your pool pump is the main mechanical part. In some pools this is the only component that has moving parts. Essentially the pump draws water from the skimmer and forces it through the plumbing so that the water can be filtered. It has an impeller that acts sort of like a propeller to move the water. Most pumps are run off of a timer so that it is an automatic operation. Single and variable speed pumps are used.

The pool filter is the large tank that keeps the water clear. There are different types, cartridge, de, and sand for different applications. Basically they draw impurities out of the pool and the clean water is returned. After a while the filters collect enough debris that they need to be cleaned. If properly sized, cleaning can be done as few as two times per year.

Valves are often installed and serve different functions. Check valves serve as a one way system so that water does not back up into the pool or to keep the spa level up when not in use. 3 way valves allow multiple flow options within the plumbing system, while 2 ways can be used to shut off flow. Many use actuators for automatic operation.

Having a pool cleaner is not necessary but it definitely makes owing a swimming pool more enjoyable. Some run off of pressure and others are powered by suction. Now there are even robotic pool cleaners that use low voltage electricity and are very energy efficient. Cleaning the bottom of pools can be very tedious and time consuming, having an automatic cleaner will help.

Automatic controls serve many functions. Some are simple mechanical time clocks that are used just for the pumps. The more advanced systems have electronics that can control all of the components in the equipment systems. Some have large touch screen remotes so you can program from the convenience of your house.

The above are the main components, there are also many others that are used on pools as well. Heaters can be used to raise the temperature of the water. If you live in an area where there is sun throughout the day, you might consider a solar system. Automatic sanitizers give you the added convenience of maintaining the chemicals with less effort. Lights make night swimming safer and more fun as well.

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