Pool Equipment Maintenance Should Not be Neglected  

by Pool Builders on 07-03-2010 in Articles

Pool equipment maintenance is an essential component of pool conversation. When a pool and its equipment is not properly cared for or maintained, the pool can become unattractive and uninviting. In order to ensure a pool remains sparkling, fresh, and enticing, it is important to not only care for the pool but the pool's equipment as well. Pool maintenance is a two step process that involved both cleaning the pool and inspecting and repairing pool maintenance equipment when necessary.

Recommended Pool Maintenance Equipment:

Pool Leaf Rakes - Leaves and debris can quickly ruin the beauty of a pool, whether floating on the water or lying on the pool's bottom. For this reason, pool leaf rakes are an essential piece of pool maintenance equipment. This equipment helps to remove both leave and debris from pools.

Pool Vacuum Cleaner Heads and Hoses - Vacuum cleaner heads are designed to remove debris from areas above and below the vacuum head. This equipment is ideal for cleaning the floor of the pool and the curves in the walls of the pool. Pool vacuum hoses are an essential piece of cleaning equipment for any pool. The hose will pull the water from the pool, along with any debris, into the pool's filter basket.

Pool Wall Brushes - Typically made from nylon, pool wall brushes are great for cleaning algae and other grime from the pool's walls. They may be used on various types of swimming pools including concrete, fibreglass, and vinyl liner. These brushes have rounded corners and do not have sharp edges.

Maintenance of Pool Equipment -

Pool owners will want to make certain they have recommended pool maintenance equipment. Additionally, they will need to make sure that all of their maintenance equipment is in a working order. Things that pool owners will want to be sure and inspect on a routine basis include: filters, gaskets and rubber fittings, pumps, heaters, skimmers, and cleaners. Maintenance should be performed at both the opening and closing of the pool.

Whilst some pool filters may only require to be cleaned annually, others need to be maintained throughout the year. Pool owners can determine if the filter needs to be cleaned by checking the filter's pressure gauge. Gaskets and rubber fittings may need to be replaced or lubricated from time to time. Pumps may require maintenance if they make unusual noises or become clogged. Preventative maintenance is important for a pool's heating system to work effectively and efficiently. Skimmers and cleaners will need to be inspected regularly to ensure they are in proper working order.

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