Pool Exercise - Six Exercises For the Pool With No Equipment Needed

by Pool Builders on 08-04-2010 in Articles

While you are watching your children swim this summer, why not get a great work out at the same time? It is very relaxing to sit in your lounge chair with a good book, however eventually it just becomes too hot. Pool exercises are a great way to beat the heat, while spending time in the pool with your children. This refreshing activity can lift your mood quickly and get your heart pumping at the same time.

There are many benefits to exercising in the water. These include:

1. Increased strength and flexibility, leading to better muscular endurance and balance

2. Less strain on your joints, back and torso because of the buoyancy water provides

3. Improved flexibility

4. Keeps body temperature constant throughout exercise

The pool exercises listed below do not require any equipment and can be done in most pools.

Hop Jump
Begin standing straight with your arms by your side in waist deep water. Jump with your hands by your side. Make sure you bend your knees as you come down. The variation of this is to jump with your hands straight above your head.

Stand in waist deep water and place your arms parallel to the water, touching the side of the pool. Your legs are straight. Take your arms and bend them like you are doing a regular push-up. Your chest should meet the wall of the pool as you do this exercise.

This one requires you to actually go under water. This exercise is exactly as it is described. Do as many as you can. See if you can walk on your hands while you are in the handstand position.

Tread Water
It is best when treading water to do the eggbeater kick. Begin by rotating your body like it is in a sitting position. Your back must be straight, with your knees bent so they are parallel to the water. Your thighs are parallel to the surface of the water, and lower legs pointing toward the bottom of the pool. Your left leg makes a clockwise motion while the right leg makes a counterclockwise motion. Your legs should never actually meet because when one foot is on the inside of the motion, the other should be on the outside. Your arms should be in a comfortable position, helping you keep your head out of the water.

Leg Lifts
Stand in waist deep water and place your arms out parallel to the wall. While you hold the wall lift your legs up sideways as far as you can go. When you have done enough, switch to the other side.

Step Leg Lifts
If you are in a pool that has steps, this is an excellent exercise to tone your legs and bottom. Bend one knee and place it up two steps from where you are standing. As you straighten the bent knee pull your body up so that both legs are straight together on the step where your bent knee started. This exercise is similar to walking up stairs, however you go up and down on the same step. Switch knees after you have done enough on one side.

When I first started doing these exercises in the pool my children did give me some interesting looks. However, now they are used to their mom doing her pool workout. There are even some times when my children join in.

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