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A pool fence is installed around a swimming pool mainly to provide safety and security especially to children in a cost effective manner. In several countries there are pool safety laws strictly enforced to pools associated with houses, units, motels, hotels, hostels, caravan parks, etc. In the United States, several states and counties have created their fence laws.

Types of Pool Fencing:

Pool fences are manufactured in several different types with a variety of materials. Your options for a pool fence will depend on your interest, priorities and budget. Many fences for pools are made with self-latching gates for additional safety. Each type of fence has its own pros and cons. The most common types of fences used for pools are:

Wood Fences:

Wood has been used traditionally for pool fencing. It is good for privacy, but it blocks the complete view. The wood fencing can be done in various customized stylish designs, heights finishes and colors. It is a sturdy and durable fencing, but requires more time for installation and finishing.

Wrought Iron or Mild steel Fence:

Mild steel has almost replaced wrought iron these days. The steel or wrought iron fence is usually made in simple designs and painted in different colors and shades. You can also galvanize the fence to protect it from rusting. This type of fence is sturdy, durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. It normally needs minimum maintenance.

Glass Fence:

Frameless glass pool fencing offers an elegant, sophisticated and safe outdoor area around your pool without obstructing the view or hurting the landscaping. You can have different designs. There are also framing toughened glass pool fencing. The glass fits into stainless steel or anodized aluminum spigots with round or square design. You can also use combination fencing with partly frameless, framed glass and other types of fence. The glass fence is climb resistant, but it can crack or break and easily becomes dirty.

Aluminum Fence:

The aluminum fencing provides elegance and simplicity. You can have it as a substitute for wrought iron fencing with none of the maintenance. There are sleek line designs available. It can have a smooth rail on top. The aluminum pool fence is also strong, durable, and semi-private. There are some corrosion issues related to aluminum fence and it may require frequent repairs besides regular cleaning.

Vinyl Fence:

Vinyl fence systems come in numerous designs. These are installed with locking panels. Vinyl fencing can add to beauty, curb appeal as well as ensure safety. You can get different sizes of panels, railing with many baluster options. It is can provide privacy. Both sides of the fence look the same. There are reinforced galvanized steel posts that withstand high winds and storms the vinyl fence is weather proof, almost maintenance free and lasts longer than the wood fence.

Mesh Fence:

Mesh pool fences are the easiest to install. The panels are secure and made in simple designs. Each section consists of a number of poles with mesh mounted in plastic or aluminum inserts. The fence is made sturdy with the help of extreme tension. The poles are normally made of either fiberglass or aluminum. These fences are climb resistant. You can also select mildew proof, rip proof, and fade proof meshes. If you use a cheaper or less durable mesh fence, it will need repairs and replacement of parts frequently. However, good quality mesh fences will last for years without needing maintenance.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

The fence may collect dust and grime over the time. It is easy to clean and maintain all types of fences without spending too much time, effort or money. Any damage due to whatsoever reason should be immediately repaired. The metal, PVC and glass fence can be washed with water at low pressure. A gentle and clean wash with a soft brush and mild detergent or liquid soap should be followed by a fresh water rinse and air drying. It is also essential to maintain the protective a decorative properties of a coating on the fence. For removing stubborn stains on powder coatings, you can use methylated mineral spirits or mineral-based turpentine.

Wood fence can be cleaned with air pressure or brushes. Glass fences, particularly, need regular cleaning to keep up their appearance, aesthetic beauty and transparency. Avoid using glass cleaners as they leave residues on glass. The best way is applying mild liquid soap and washing with warm water followed by drying in air. You can use a slightly damp sponge or soft cloth for cleaning posts and railing.

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