Pool Fences Are For Much More Than Decoration

by Pool Builders on 01-06-2010 in Articles

Pool fences are an important safety measure. Many states and localities require that there are fences around every pool to prevent small children from wandering into the pool area and drowning.

These are typically a fence made specifically to fit around the circumference of a pool. There is a gate on the pool fence to allow access in and out of the pool area. Typically the gate has a latching system that makes it difficult for a child. Most are around five or six feet high or at least high enough that a child cannot easily climb over it.

Pool fences are safety devices to prevent unauthorized entry to a pool area. There have been many recent drowning s in the last few years that have been in the media involving small children that have made their way to a backyard pool and either climbed in or fell in, these unfortunate accidents have prompted many states to adopt legislation regarding safety measures for home and commercial swimming pools. A pool fence is one of those safety measures. In a lot of states and localities it is required that a backyard pool have a fence installed around it. They are not only a deterrent for small children in the household but for uninvited guests as well.

Pool fences come in a variety of designs. Most are made of some type of metal or wood. Some of the metal models are quite ornate and are made from iron. The wood varieties favor the tall privacy type fence. All of the fences are typically rather tall and the gate system is sturdy. Some localities are very specific about the type that have to be installed in the area around a pool and this will dictate the design specifications of the pool fences to be used in a given area. For example in most Florida localities the fences are required to be six feet tall and at least four feet from the pool with a specific locking mechanism used at the gate to the pool area.

Some homeowners insurance also requires that they be used around a pool on a property or there is a risk of the insurance company cancelling the policy. These types of fences are an important safety tool that can actually reduce a homeowner's liability in the case of someone getting into the pool area and becoming injured.

Pool fences are an important investment for the pool owner and may even be required by law. They should not be overlooked when purchasing a pool and should be installed the same time the pool is.

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