Pool Fencing - A Necessary Precaution

by Pool Builders on 04-04-2010 in Articles

If you have a swimming area of a certain depth, in many areas you are required to put up some version of pool fencing. Either the insurance company that holds the insurance policy to your house will require it, your local police department will require it, or your homeowners association will require it. This is a requirement so that children are not able to access the area and accidentally fall into the water when unattended. In many areas where this is required, a self locking gate is also required.

Just because it is required, however, does not mean that you are limited in the type of pool fencing that you can install. While many areas may stipulate the height of the structure, and, if you have a homeowners association, they might specify which kinds you can not installed, there is typically some leeway so that you are able to make a choice from within those parameters.

You can choose from the wood and white picket look in pool fencing, a sturdy and see through mesh option, or an array of other available designs. Some important things to remember include not to install a design that allows children to get a foothold and climb, jump, or fall over it, and that a suitable height is necessary in order to deter children from entering the swimming area.

Typically between three and five feet high, pool fencing is not a substitute for responsible adult supervision. If you have a swimming area at your home, or you will be visiting a home with a swimming area, you will need to be aware of where your children are at all times. A responsible adult should be in charge of the child, and should never assume that someone else is watching that child unless explicit verbal acknowledgment between both adults is made.

Similarly, when attending, or hosting, a party around an open pool, a sibling should never been in charge of watching a younger child. Do not leave the child around the swimming area to use the restroom or answer the telephone for even a minute. Take your cell phone with you out to the swimming area. If you do not have a cell phone, take your cordless phone. If you do not have a cordless phone or a cell phone, do not answer the telephone at all while children are in the swimming area If you must answer the phone, take all children with you, or remove children from the area and lock the pool fencing gate behind you.

Even if your children can swim, pool fencing should not be a neglected area. Indeed, many accidental drownings occur when people that can swim accidentally fall into the pool, and then are unable to get out before becoming too fatigued. Erecting such a barrier can go far in stopping those occurrences of accidental drowning that might happen. Even with such a barrier in place, all children that have a swimming area at, or near, their home, should have water safety training.

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