Pool Fencing Ways for Best Results  

by Pool Builders on 05-26-2014 in Articles

Spending time in pools is the best means of facing the summers bravely. However, steps need to be taken to enable the safety as well as protection of pools. Pool fences are the most popular and affordable means of securing the pools and making sure that no unfortunate accident takes place. These fences come in various materials and types, which can be chosen as per one's requirements and wants. Let us have a look at these different kinds of fencing.


This kind of fencing is a common types found in homes and pools. Reason being, they possess the ability to blend well with old as well as modern types of home d©cor and can be very easily used as fences for front and backward areas. They have very low maintenance and are found to be very stylish, and are easy to be installed. They come in a huge variety of colours, sizes, and, shapes and can be easily modified to fit in the needs of your pool and can be even re-painted.


These pool fences are used around the swimming pools having side timber decks. However, they look good in the ground pools which are surrounded by gardens. They are versatile, come in prefabricated panels, and can be easily modified to fit one's needs. They have a major advantage that they can be re-painted and enable you to change the look of your house as per the fence colour which comes in different shades.


Another kind is glass fencing which holds the advantage of offering a durable as well as transparent look. Glass fencing offers a modern look to the pool and is considered to be a permanent boundary option for the pool safety. Children entry can be restricted in the glass fences and it also prevents the children from falling accidentally into the pools. These come in basically two kinds: frameless glass fencing and semi-frameless fencing. One needs to keep expert advice in mind while choosing between the two.

Fence installation

Installation of the pool fencing is not a very difficult task and can be done though DIY techniques. However, you may need some extra hands while installing these fences. You also need to contact your local government officials for information on regulations as well as limits to be considered while installing these as if your installation is not as per the rules, it may lead to hefty fine for you. Not only installation but maintenance of the pool fencing is also needed for prolonging the life of the fence. Aluminium and timber may require no kind of maintenance for long, but glass requires regular cleaning. Make use of manufacturers recommended cleaning products for washing your glass fences so that coatings on the glass fences do not get damaged and algae also do not grow on the panels. It is also a good idea to wash away the fences regularly if one lives in coastal areas. Moreover, try to keep dirt away from the hinges of the panels to prevent any kind of rusting.

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