Pool Filter Cartridges-Offering Better Performance Than Traditional Filters  

by Pool Builders on 02-22-2012 in Articles

There are several types of pool filters available in the market. You need to make a wise choice besides ensuring its proper maintenance.

In order to keep your swimming pool crystal clear and glowing, it is very important that you choose the correct pool filter as well as pool accessories for your particular pool. In fact, a good amount of research is required to be done from your end regarding the capacity and functionality of these accessories.

If you owe a backyard pool then it can be a great source of fun and relaxation for your family and friends. During swimming sessions bathers introduce oil, sunscreen and other contaminants to the pool water. Moreover, your pool water is also susceptible to other air borne impurities and dirt particles. Consequently, your pool can become a hotbed of germs and bacteria if it isn€¬€t cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

Some of the popular varieties of pool filters include Sand, Diatomaceous and Cartridge pool filters. Though each have their share of benefits and advantages, cartridge filters have been successful in drawing the attention of the pool owners owing to their low maintenance, high affordability and optimum performance.

These filters are also technologically advanced as compared to the traditional ones as they have overcome the drawbacks of cartridge filters. For example sand filters require backwashing which involves wastage of gallons of water. Moreover, diatomaceous filters require frequent replacement which makes this type of pool filter an expensive option.

Cartridge pool filters are a recent introduction in to the pool filtration industry. These filters have cartridge as a filtering element, which is made up of numerous pleats of filter paper which trap dirt and debris through a system of replaceable cartridges which can be removed and cleaned effortlessly. These filters have completely eliminated the hassle of backwashing and if maintained well they can be used for 3-5 years.

Prepared from polyester material, cartridge filters have a larger surface area than sand filters. Consequently, these filters don€¬€t become clogged frequently and therefore require less maintenance. In fact, cartridge filters require occasional cleaning i.e. once or twice a swimming season.

Yet another great advantage of using cartridge pool filters for your swimming pools is the fact that the entire cleaning process is very simple and requires no backwashing. All you need to do is remove the cartridge element from the filter housing and rinse it down with a hose.

Keep in mind that whatever type of pool filter you opt for your pool, you need to maintain it so that it continues functioning in a great way.

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