Pool Filters and Pumps

by Pool Builders on 02-25-2008 in Articles

One of the most important pieces of equipment for your pool is the pool filter. Due to the fact that the pool filter is responsible for filtering and cleaning the water, the proper sized pump and filter needs to be purchased for it to work properly.

There are various types of filters available and which one you choose depends on your budget, size of pool and individual needs. As an example, you would not choose a pool filter meant for a small pool even if it was cheaper because it would not work efficiently to clean a large pool.

Types of pool filters

Earth filters: These are good for removing small bits of material, which makes them good for that purpose. They are similar to a sand filter except that a finer white powder is used instead of sand. This is actually a diatomaceous type of earth so is often called a DE filter. Once the water pressure rises, it might require backwashing and cleaning the same as a sand pool filter. New DE is added eventually so that it can continue to filter effectively.

Sand filters: Sand filters are powerful and can filter a lot at a time but cannot catch finer particles the way an earth pool filter would. The sand lasts a long time and only needs replaced after a couple years. It's one of the cheapest and most popular pool filters and has been used the longest.

Cartridge filters: The cartridge acts as the filter to clean the pool. This is an ideal pool filter for smaller pools and/or Jacuzzis. It can grab fairly small particles through the power of the pump but needs to be cleaned when pressure gets too high. If you clean the cartridge once in awhile with a hose, it will last longer. It will also need replaced but it is not expensive. It is still an ongoing cost you should consider before choosing a cartridge pool filter.


The pump should be powerful enough to pump through the whole pool within hours. The choices of equipment can be overwhelming so if you were not sure which pump or filter would go with your pool, get professional advice. You will not know which size of filter to use until you figure out what your pump size is.

Pumps are important because without them you cannot run pool filter systems. There are specific pumps made for the size or type of your pool but some are still better than others.

Just make sure the pump you purchase has the capacity to pump the amount of water you have in your pool on a daily basis. Here is where you might want to spend a little extra money although you need to make sure you have a decent pool filter regardless. The pump won't make the filter run any better if it's a low quality or weak filter. If your pump is working harder than it should, it will only cost you more in electricity in the end so you end up spending either way.

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