Pool Floaties for Children  

by Pool Builders on 09-07-2008 in Articles

No two children are alike. You're more aware of this than most people if you have children and a pool. Although most every kid enjoys water floaties, not all kids will like the same design. Fortunately, there is a wide range of flotation devices available for kids; you should have no problem finding the right floatie for your child!

The easiest pool floaties to find are the life saver shaped floatie rings. Due to their ringed appearance, these floaties are also commonly referred to as fun tubes, pool rings, or swim rings. These are the floaties that are the most versatile and are often the least expensive. These rings are perfect for smaller pools and let you do almost anything, from diving through the center to just lying around relaxing. Some even come with water guns included so you and your friends can have a water war.

Everyone, no matter how old they are, can enjoy pool noodles. Noodles are long, bendable tubes that can be used for lounging, playing, or just plain having fun. Pretend a noodle is a sea creature and ride them, shape them into different objects, or connect them into a raft. Children will love using their imagination and will spend hours shaping, connecting, and playing with pool noodles.

Small kids and infants can enjoy specialty floaties that are designed with safety and fun in mind. These special floaties for babies have child safety bars and body catch pocket seats that will hold your child securely, while still allowing his or her legs to dangle in the water. These great floaties are available in many different sizes and are made to resemble so many different things. You're guaranteed to find one your kids will like. Some infant floaties come equipped with a sun shade to protect your baby from getting sunburned. Others include a pocket seat that securely keeps children in the floatie, with individual air chambers to keep it from sinking if one bursts. Infant floaties allow the entire family to enjoy those hot, summer days in the pool together.

A number of floatie companies are now offering floaties shaped like animals, so your children can each have a water pet of their own. Most of the pets come with attached reins, which allow the child to ride or pull the floatie. Examples include inflatable horses, dogs, lions, and whales. How can you have a day at the pool without an aqua pet at your side?

For aquatic floats for your children at the pool, Poolmaster brand products are the best buy you can make. You can find a number of novelty and specialty floaties from Poolmaster. The Fun Float looks like a hamster wheel and can be used to run across the surface of the water or to sit in and ride the waves. You might also enjoy the Aqua Rocker Fun Float, which is a seesaw that sits above the water for you to ride alone or with a companion.

There are many different floatable pool devices for your children to enjoy this pool season. You will get many hours of pleasure using a carefully chosen flotation device.

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