Pool Furniture Vs Chlorine

by Pool Builders on 08-17-2011 in Articles

If you have taken the time and expense to put a pool in your backyard, you know how much it costs to put it in and maintain it. That means you should definitely be taking advantage of that pool and using it as much as possible, right? Unfortunately many people purchase pool furniture and then get frustrated when it doesn't look as good as it did when they first bought it. For many people this is a turn off from the pool in general and then don't spend the time they should enjoying their investment.

One of the biggest threats to your Patio furniture (Outdoor and Patio) is the chlorine that you are putting in the pool. In addition to keeping the water safe for you and your family to swim in, chlorine is a beaching chemical that once it gets on your pool furniture can start to have a negative impact. Here's how to mitigate as much of that impact as you can.

Read up on the Material

Before purchasing pool furniture (Outdoor and Patio), read up on what it is made out of and how well it stands up to things like chlorine. Some materials are hardier and can handle a little more abuse from things like the sun and chlorine and are specifically made for being pool furniture pieces. These may leave you with a little less frustration.

Light Colors

The next thing you may want to consider doing to avoid being frustrated by the impact of chlorine on your pool furniture is to choose lighter colored materials. While chlorine may lighten any material it touches, if you have light materials to start with, the change may not be as obvious to you and those who are using your pool furniture.

Protective Coverings or Applications

Just like you have stain master coatings and application for the furniture inside your home, there are also similar coatings that may help your pool Garden furniture be a little more resistant to the chlorine from your pool. Ask about these types of options when you are purchasing your pool furniture.

Flip the Cushions

One final thing you can do to try and mitigate the change in appearance of your pool furniture is make sure that while it may fade, it fades evenly. This means flipping the cushions at regular intervals so all the pieces of the furniture are the same, albeit faded, color.

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