Pool Heater - Your Guide to the Hottest Pool Item

by Pool Builders on 03-17-2010 in Articles

Heating up the swimming pool will allow users to enjoy more time in relaxing and playing. Pool heater is specially made to set temperature on the pool water at a desired warmth. It comes in three types that are suited to different preferences. Each of these items have advantages and downsides.

Electrical Pump Pool Heater

This type is perfect for those owners who live in warm climate that wish to extend their swimming season. It consumes less electricity compared to electric heater. How this pool equipment works? The heat pump will pull air coming from outside, then heat it, and transfer the new converted heat to the pool water by means of heat exchanger. This type can maintain the temperature of the water. It is more efficient to use before summer months.

Gas Pool Heater

This type uses natural or propane gas to operate. They are more natural to use unlike the previous heater we discussed. However, this heater can be expensive in terms of operation. This pool item works best for irregular use because they can heat up the water quickly. Water can be maintained at a constant temperature despite of the climate changes when using this heater. The gas stored inside the combustion chamber produces heat then will be transferred to the pool water, which is then turned back to the pool.

Solar Pool Heater

This type is operated with the help of solar energy. Owning a solar heater requires to install a solar panels. These panels will be used to absorb solar energy; they are usually installed on the roofs of the house. Obviously, this heater won't work during night time because there's no sun, not unless a heater is able to charge and keep certain amount of energy. This heater does not provide enough heat if the sun's energy is quite low. This not is suitable for those owners who live in a northern region. The advantage of having this type is having low annual costs.

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