Pool Heaters Extend the Swimming Season

by Pool Builders on 11-22-2010 in Articles

Homeowners with back yards must stay aware of the weather and the temperatures that are most comfortable for swimming. Even when it is not oppressively hot in the summer, it is still nice to go swimming in the pool. The swimming season tends to draw to a close sooner in more Northern states, such as New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, due to the cooler weather.

The swimming season will last longer in other places, but it is possible to extend it with a little help from specialty products. One option for when the wind gets a little chilly and cools down the swimming pool water is to use a heater. There are a few different types of heaters available. There are also a number of solar heaters on the market. These products can help to extend the swimming season by at least a few weeks; longer for those who live in the most southern states. Using pool heaters in NY, for example will make the water warmer, and pleasant to swim in for a while longer.

Pool heaters are available in three basic types; solar, natural gas and propane. They can be used in both above-ground and in-ground pools. When purchasing, the pool owner should make sure they are purchasing the right type of pool heater for their size and kind of pool. Solar heaters are energy efficient for pools that lie in sunlight for a minimum of six hours each day. Propane heaters raise the temperature more quickly, but are a little more expensive to maintain. They are helpful for seldom or sporadic swimming in cool weather. Natural gas heaters are also fuel efficient and do what they are supposed to rather quickly.

Solar Fish
Solar fish are an innovative means of heating the water with an invisible mask. Liquid solar tropical fish an be tossed into the pool to reduce heat evaporation and create a liquid solar blanket that floats on the water's surface. The solar fish release a substance that produces a safe-to-skin barrier that traps heat energy below the surface, making it a more comfortable swimming temperature. There is also a computerized solar fish with a pump that adds the liquid solar compound to the water for up to two months. The liquid solar blanket reportedly has 60 percent of the effectiveness of the typical solar cover, but it does not need to be pulled on and off or stored when people are swimming.

Solar Cover
A solar cover is most commonly made of polyethylene material. resembling bubble wrap, it catches and retains the sun's heat. The water temperature is raised by solar heat as it is trapped below the cover. It can be left on during the day while the homeowner is at work or school, then taken off when it is time to go for a dip.

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