Pool Heaters Make Swimming Pools More Inviting Throughout The Year  

by Pool Builders on 01-31-2012 in Articles

Heating your pool does not have to raise your utility bills dramatically or - in some cases - at all. If you live in a region that receives a fair share of sun, invest in solar pool products that capture the sun's rays in order to heat the water in your swimming pool. No matter where you reside, though, there is a heater that's compatible with your pool. When you shop for pool heaters, you can select from models that use solar power, natural gas or electricity, all available at different price points.

So how do you choose an option that works for you? First, virtually every pool owner can benefit from a model that is high in efficiency and low in maintenance. Beyond that, other factors to consider include your pool style (is it above or in the ground?), lifestyle (how often you intend to use the heater), climate (sunnier regions will benefit most from solar-powered models) and altitude (higher altitudes may require specialized equipment). Popular brands include Hayward, Pentair and Jandy. Look for high-quality, weather-resistant construction that can withstand high winds and rainy weather. Some models also weigh less to make installation easier, feature digital controls to simplify operation, are adaptable to existing equipment and/or work with salt-based chlorination systems. Pool heat pumps can help you save a great deal on energy costs as well.

The most cost-efficient way to extend your swim season is through solar-based pool heaters. A solar heating system can work for in-ground or above-ground pools. Easy to install by yourself - no professionals need - it is designed to raise your water temperature up to 15 degrees higher without the use of natural gas or electricity. The system features solar panels that are compatible with your existing pump and other equipment. The pool water circulates through solar channels to increase its temperature. If you are not ready to install a large system, start with a smaller contraption, such as the SolarPro Pool Solar Heater.

Other solar-powered options - likely the most inexpensive ones you will find - use covers/blankets and rings to collect and convert the sun's rays into warmer water. The long-lasting covers can be customized to your pool size and shape, and also help the water retain the sun's warmth for enjoyment the next day. The rings, with a diameter of 5 feet, are designed to do the same, but on a smaller scale. Using these pool supply products will also reduce your reliance on the planet's resources.

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