Pool Heaters - Why Would You Need a Pool Heater?

by Pool Builders on 07-27-2008 in Articles

Many of the cooler climates have already started to make pool heaters an added feature when you purchase an above ground or in ground pool. The heaters come in many different types and usually are accompanied by a good solar cover to keep the heat from escaping.

There are three main types of heater for your pool. There is a gas pool heater, which runs on LP gas and is probably the most expensive. There is the electric pool heater that is also quite expensive and will make your electric bill skyrocket. There is also a solar pool heater, which does not cost all that much and is very energy efficient.

The gas heater is great if you have a vacation home or only plan to use your swimming pool once in a while. It can be used to get your water up to temperature in a hurry, then you can shut it off until the next time you use your pool. This is a great pool heater if you are looking for faster results, but it will cost you a pretty penny.

The electric heater is probably the most consistent heater out there, but there are a few downfalls. Usually you have to put about $100 or so into your electric heater each year for maintenance and the amount of electricity that they use is insane. You will have to budget for a much larger electric bill if you get an electric pool heater.

The solar powered pool heater is great as long as the sun is shining. It can be cold in the air, but if the sun is beaming down your solar heater will get that pool up to a great temperature so you can enjoy a swim whenever you want to. A great advantage is that the only maintenance with solar pool heaters is replacing the pump every other year for around $50.

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