Pool Heating: Choosing the Best Type of Heater That Conforms to Your Budget

by Pool Builders on 04-04-2011 in Articles

Pool heating uses a lot of energy and definitely means additional expenses that you must take into account and include in your budget. Choosing the right pool heater will depend upon your needs and upon the advice of pool experts. Their assessment and suggestions will be based on the size of your pool, your lifestyle, and your budget.

Pool heating can be done in different ways coming different sources of heat. Such as solar heating, gas heaters, and heat pumps. Swimming is a healthy and enjoyable sport or past time. During warm weather, the swimming pool is one source to cool off or release the heat inside the body aside from its being an effective way to strengthen the lungs to stay healthy. In cool weather conditions, heating devices are important tools to warm pool water for an uninterrupted enjoyment of the family.

Wisely choose the right pool heater which will meet your standards and needs as well as conform to your available budget. There are countries wherein their warm climate only lasts for four months at the most which means less usage of swimming pools and added maintenance expenses to their budget. This is the right time when the presence of pool heating devices is needed. Solar heating, the most expensive type of pool heating, is utilized by the use of a solar device which consists of a solar digital controller, a pump and absorber matting. The solar collection area of the heater should be equal to the area of the swimming pool. The digital controller of the solar pool heater is responsible for the on and off system of the unit especially when infrared from the sun is greater than the pool temperature. The water is then circulated by the boost pump through the absorber matting on the roof and is then returned to the pool as warm water. This is continuously done until the pool water has attained the desired temperature which the controller indicates.

Another pool heating device is the gas heater which is run by electricity together with natural gas or profane fuel as well as with solar pool heating. It is a popular choice because it is the most inexpensive way and less expense to operate. It helps you to enjoy your swimming by extending the days of swimming time even in cool weather conditions. Because this device offers constant utilization of your pool at any time you wish all year round makes it one of the most rewarding investments you'll make.

The heat pump, on the other hand, is another way to enjoy warm pool water. Electricity operates the heat pump. It captures heat but does not generate heat. Water from the pool is drawn in, is filtered and then goes to the heat pump heater. The information and operation of the heat pump is explained in manuals provided by the manufacturer and will be taken into details of discussion whenever one decides to buy the unit. These heat pump pool heaters are also expensive like the solar pool heater but it possess high performance efficiency thus resulting to lower annual operating costs. Furthermore, this type is long-lasting and helps save money all the more.

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