Pool Heating: Energy and Cost Efficiency in Swimming Pool Maintenance

by Pool Builders on 03-05-2012 in Articles

Obtaining energy from the sun yields a two-pronged result: cost and energy efficiency. On cool days, swimming in pools can still be a good and fun exercise. The pool water can get cooler but there's a way to keep the water temperature up efficiently. Pool heating is expensive especially using the traditional heating method. An economical and eco-friendly way of heating the pool is via a solar blanket, a pool cover that absorbs the sun's heat. As we all know solar energy is friendly to the environment as you are using a natural source of energy. Using this type of pool cover will also reduce water loss. That's another cost-saving measure that pool owners will be happy about.

Maintaining a pool and keeping its temperature can really be bothersome and costly. With a solar blanket, a drastic reduction of maintenance cost (energy, chemical and water) can be achieved. It is cheaper than any pool heating method. The mechanism is simple but highly effective. You can install pool reels and hand crank to roll and unroll the solar blanket quick and easy.

Solar blankets come in different shapes, designs and colors. There is a huge selection of solar blankets in the market to choose from. But first, consider the shape and size of the swimming pool before purchasing. Generally, it looks like a giant bubble wrap. The air pockets, in circular or diamond shapes, facilitate the transfer of heat from the sun, entrapping the same. Heat is retained in these air pockets. Solar blankets also come in a variety of thickness. The thicker it is, the longer it retains heat. The color should also be considered.

Although color plays a minimal role, it is still worth considering. A clear solar blanket absorbs heat directly. It also transfers light directly into the pool water simultaneously retaining heat. Clear also reduces water and chemical evaporation in the process. Black on the other hand is known to be a good heat absorber but at the same time, blocks the light that the pool water can directly take in. Blue is the original color and still remains to be a popular choice due to its appealing effect. It lies midway between dark and clear. Another thing that can influence what color to choose is the general climate and the frequency of usage. Also choose the size that fully covers the pool.

Using a solar blanket has three main advantages:

  • Heat transference and retention. The use of the natural heat from the sun generally permits the entire pool to be covered by natural heat. It reduces water evaporation which constitutes a large part of the energy loss.
  • Save water. Because water evaporation is minimized by the solar blanket, the cost of water replacement is also reduced.
  • Chemical cost reduction. The chemical evaporates along with the water. Using a solar blanket greatly reduces evaporation of both. Hence, aside from reducing your pool heating cost, your chemical usage is also cut back.

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