Pool Heating: Make Your Impromptu Swimming Parties a Success Despite the Cold Weather

by Pool Builders on 03-21-2012 in Articles

A pool heating device is indispensable especially if you are living in a cold region. Additionally, a good pool heater is useful in cases of instant entertaining. You can't just let the weather affect your pool party that you have arranged a week before with your close friends, right?

Complete the fun by serving dishes that are different from what you used to serve. You can also make simple dishes look more appetizing if you know the right type of serving ware to use when entertaining at home.

Don't you know that any type of food looks very appetizing when you choose to use a big white platter? You can make a majestic work of arranging the food with style. You can take out your collection of various small ramekins and pots from your hosting arsenal and show off to friends your best collection of oven-proof little dishes. These cute dishes are best used for casseroles.

For outdoor parties, wooden salad bowls are great to use. The earthy look blends well with the colour of your salad. Wooden bowls tend to look good and more beautiful with time, so don't forget, let them make an appearance each time you are throwing a party at home.

No party is ever complete without a cake, so you must be ready to put out one of your lovely crystal cake plate. They come in different sizes, shapes and heights hence they are perfect for adding elevation to any type of food you have on display.

For drinks to serve your guests, you can opt to make some sort of colourful concoction with or without alcohol and throw some berries or sliced fruits into it. If you love entertaining friends at home and have it by your backyard pool, you must serve festive party drinks. Pool parties often make your guests thirsty, so what better way to quench those thirsts than mix up something that will please their palates. You can opt to have lime margaritas, slushy sorbets or lots of white sangria with fruit slices.

You can also spend time to read some valuable information on wine and food pairing, so you can use them as a guide. Find the best wine to drink with the meal type you are planning to serve. Wine connoisseurs would say that there are no rules just guidelines in picking the wine of your choice to go with your dishes, but there can be magical matches if you really know how to choose well.

For instant entertaining, you don't have to stress yourself out planning what to cook and what to prepare. Most pool parties only need a good amount of booze and spirits. You can opt to serve store-bought pastries and appetizers that you can arrange beautifully on your white serving platters or serve them in their containers.

For appetizers, choose room temperature fares that you can leave on the table without worrying if they melt or go bad. Prepare some vegetable quiche' and fish fingers and other easy finger foods that are filling enough to keep your guests satisfied and full. Don't be surprised if your gusts seem to be very hungry, it must be because of your pool heating device. Swimming in warm waters can burn calories and make you feel hungry.

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