Pool Heating: Utilize the Power of the Sun

by Pool Builders on 04-24-2011 in Articles

Summertime means warm and sunny weather. This is the perfect time for swimming and enjoying the cool water of your swimming pool with family and friends. If a home is fortunate enough to own a pool, then summer season is indeed more fun. But if swimming season will end because of the onset of cold weather particularly in places located at the northern side of the earth, then that is the right time to think about the installation of pool heating equipment in order to maximize the use of your swimming pool. Extend your swimming season and warm your pool water on cooler days and cold nights.

There are various ways to heat your pool such as by the use of pool heaters and pool heating systems including solar pool heaters, gas pool heaters, heat pumps, above ground and in-ground pool heaters. The most ideal and most inexpensive way to heat your swimming pool is through the use of solar energy which is the cleanest, safest and noiseless source of energy. It is environmentally friendly and does not produce the greenhouse effect which is the warming of the Earth's surface due to atmospheric pollution by gases. Solar energy limits the emissions of greenhouse gas coming from electricity which is generated by fossil fuel power plants.

Energy costs, operational costs, maintenance costs, and water heating bills are reduced by an average of 50% by utilizing free and recharged energy from the sun to heat your water. A variety of ways can be adopted to efficiently capture energy from the sun such as by the purchase of standard panels or do-it-yourself home-made frames. Although the purchase of standard solar panels is expensive at first, their value and functionality will be realized with two to four years of paying time and be guaranteed of its performance. The panels last longer because of moving parts which are minimal and there is no sign of corrosion nor there will be for that matter. Pool heating by the use of panels to absorb energy from the sun will work well with both in-ground and above ground pools since the panels can be attached to pipes which are connected to existing pool pumps.

The use of a solar blanket is another excellent option to utilize solar energy to heat your pool. This lightweight and transparent cover is an inexpensive way to extend summer season as well as the regular use of your pool. Large differences are observed and vary between the use of solar and standard pool heating. Fuel heaters function from 7 to 10 years with proper and frequent maintenance. The gas heaters have 2 years of lifespan and warranties while some heat pumps have a 2 year warranty as well as 5 years of warranty on the compressors. All of these types of heating pool equipment are all functional and useful but heating a pool by utilizing solar energy is definitely a cost effective and an environment-friendly option that's readily available for pool owners and operators.

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