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Separate bathrooms, showers and laundry facilities are just a few of the amenities that can be added. Other practical additions can be a small or full kitchen, grilling area, outdoor fireplace with extra lounging space, or full wetbar with refrigerator to eliminate wet feet trodding back and forth into the house for cool drinks and snacks. A properly equipped pool house can provide a full day or evening of entertainment without having to step back into the main house.

What about luxuries? Saunas and Jacuzzis are wonderful additions, but will quickly add to the construction cost. Depending on the size, your pool house can also double as space for a home gym, home theatre, or even separate guest quarters. If you are implementing a pool house floor plan on a large scale, don't forget to double check zoning laws concerning construction, size and use of outbuildings. Make sure your ideas and plans conform to local requirements and restrictions. Non-compliance with local regulations can be costly!

As you decide on your want list of features for building a house boat, it may force you into a larger boat size. It may also cause you to exceed your budget for the project. Bottom line just be patient, but it is wise to find an online source that has a hundred or more boat plans to choose from. As you can see, building a house boat is not easy or a cookie cutter process. Spend a few bucks with a reputable house boat plans company that will assist you every step of the way.

If you're thinking about installing a pool in your back yard, chances are you will also want to design a pool house to go with it. A cabana or changing pavilion can provide the finishing touch to your landscaping plans as well as form the centerpiece of summer entertainment. There are several factors you'll need to consider before implementing your pool house floor plan.

The second factor to consider is function. What features do you want in and around your pool house? The most basic pool house floor plan offers shade from the sun and changing rooms. However, most home owners think of a pool house in terms of convenience and entertainment value for the summer months.

Plans for New York City's largest housing development project since the 1970s are moving forward. The project is called Hunter's Point South, and it includes a total of 3,000 housing units.

Possibly the biggest reason why you cannot go without a building blueprint is because chickens require so many square feet each to be comfortable. If you happen to build your chicken house too small for the number of birds you want to have, you aren't going to see successful results - in fact, they may not even lay eggs in the first place.

Size Concerns

If you're thinking about raising some chickens, it's going to be vital that you find a good chicken house building plan to help ensure you do things correctly. Many individuals start off building what they think will be an effective coop, only to find out later that they now have to make a large number of changes to the building which can cost them a great deal of money in the process.

The site was being prepared for construction at the end of last year. Development of the infrastructure is expected to start early this year.

Design scheme is next in line. How do you want your pool house to look when it's completed? Do you have a certain overall look you are trying to achieve? Most home owners want a pool house floor plan that is reflective of, but not necessarily exactly like the main home. Generally speaking, the best designed pool house exteriors will pick up on the architectural motifs and design details of the main house without mimicking it exactly. A pool house floor plan should complete the residence and tie the swimming pool, main house and landscaped yard into one cohesive and coherent unit. The decision to add a pool house relies on a number of factors. This list of considerations is by no means complete, but should be viewed as a starting point only.

In 2003, New York City's Mayor Bloomberg announced the creation of the New Housing Marketplace Plan (NHMP), the goal of which is to make at least 165,000 affordable housing units available by 2014. Some of those units will come from remodeled, existing structures. Others will come from projects like Hunter's Point South, which is - so far - the most ambitious project undertaken as part of the NHMP.

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