Pool Installer - The Must Have Accessories for Your New Oasis  

by Pool Builders on 01-15-2012 in Articles

Not only can a pool installer help you design and dig-out your dream summer oasis away from the heat, but they can also provide you with several accessories that can dial up the fun or relaxation. There's plenty more to do in the water than just swim laps or float on inflatable rafts until you're bronzed. If you want to keep the area exciting and in use, these additional accessories and toys will ensure you get your money's worth.

Water Features

If you're trying to recreate a tropical paradise to escape daily drudgery, then you'll want your pool installer to choose a design that incorporates natural elements for added realism. In addition to a well-maintained surrounding garden, rock formations and waterfalls make stunning additions to any yard, and can add a more authentic feel to the area. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors, which makes them highly customizable to the existing property and surrounding plants. They also provide a great ambiance with the pleasant trickling sound they emit. If you're looking for something a bit different, fountains and dancing jets can also be added to the deck or interior. These are not only great fun for a splash, but can be a dramatic addition to the yard.


What better way to play sports than while splashing around in the cool water? A pool installer can easily add a volleyball net or basketball hoop so you or the kids can keep playing outdoors even when the heat becomes oppressive. You can choose fixed or movable nets and hoops depending on how often you plan on using them.


Why not turn your backyard ocean into a work of art? Some designers also offer mosaic or painting services and will add just about anything to the bottom surface. If that's too pricey or permanent, there are also temporary versions that simply sink into place on the bottom, making customization easy. Most companies offer several ready-made design templates, but for an extra fee you can have something new created just for you.


Great fun for kids, but adults also get a kick out of a slide. These are sturdy and range in size and color. Generally, the longer or more twisted the ride the more it's going to cost you. The length of it may also be restricted depending on the depth of the water and the width. Slides can also be built to blend into rock formations or waterfalls for an experience that is even more intense without visually taking away from the aesthetics of the surroundings.

Swim-Up Bar

A pool installer doesn't only work to keep the kids entertained. A swim-up bar is a cool and fun feature that can be added to a design or incorporating into an existing structure. It's a great way to get friends over (or make new ones). If you don't feel like swimming for a cocktail, adding a small cabana or tiki bar to the deck can wet your whistle while keeping you dry.

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