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by Pool Builders on 02-15-2009 in Articles

For people searching for a reasonably priced, above ground swimming pool, a swimming pool kit might be the solution. One particularly popular and easy to work with brand is the Easy Set Swimming Pool [http://swimmingpoolsdealers.com/easy-set-swimming-pool/]. Others may be available, but this article will focus on the strengths and weaknesses of this particular brand because it happens to be a well established entity. Many of the traits described might be found in other similar pool kits and this is not an endorsement of any particular brand or model of swimming pool.

The Easy Set Swimming Pool and other kit based pools should be explored as an option by anyone looking for a low cost swimming pool [http://swimmingpoolsdealers.com] that does not involve any intensive labor. Most pool installations have historically been quite a laborious undertaking requiring several people working for many hours. Do it yourself pool kits make the project much easier from start to finish. Pool kits are a much less expensive option and even deep discounts on above ground pools cannot really compare in price. As long as you have a completely level piece of land on which to install this swimming pool kit, you should not incur any large additional costs after purchase.

Less than one hundred dollars is required to purchase the cheapest of these pool kits. Even the kits on the large end of the spectrum price out at only a few hundred dollars. Savings can also be realized by taking advantage of package deals that are often available at the time of purchase. Generally these packages include essential items such as ladders, ground cloths, filtration units (which can be additionally upgraded for your needs) and pool covers. Instructional videos are included and set up is generally estimated at less than an hour. Although the time required to fill your pool will vary depending size and water flow, estimates for this task are usually around two hours.

Before installing any pool, it is extremely important to ensure a clear and flat area where the pool will be installed. In addition to checking for level, all rocks, branches and any other debris must be removed from the installation area. The importance of having a flat area for installation cannot be stressed enough. Water is very heavy and an uneven distribution of it can wreak havoc on the pool's structural integrity. Even if you are sure the area is flat, check the water depth at different points of the pool after filling has begun so that any needed corrections can be made without having to waste an entire pool full of water.

In general, swimming pool kits and the Intex Easy Set Pool are a great economical option for people who want a swimming pool but do not want to spend a large amount of money and/or time on the project. This information is for educational purposes only. I hope this review has assisted you and answered your questions about pool kits. This information is offered for educational purposes only. A qualified pool expert should be consulted to assess your particular situation and needs. Thank you for reading my swimming pool kit summary.

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