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Getting in and out of the pool is made a lot easier by pool ladders or pool steps. A pool ladder is a specialized type of device used to access the pool or other similar areas. Just like pool lights, there are many types of this kind of attachments. They are most often made of plastic horizontal steps and vertical metal poles. It has numerous uses, but most are generally made for outfitting either above ground pools or in-ground pools.

The main purpose of pool ladders is to provide easier access for people who want to use the pool. It also offers added safety because it provides more opportunity for those trying to get out of the pool, or for getting into the pool safely. If there are no ladders, some users might try unsafe methods of entering the pool, which can result to accidents and serious injuries. These attachments are also used on boats. They provide away for individuals to access different parts of the boat. They can also be found on large aquariums, cruise ships, and other environments.

Ideal Pool Ladder

The ideal above ground pool attachment should have 2-4 steps. Most above ground pools are 4-6 feet in depth, although they can be a bit difficult for kids to enter. Kids will have an easier time getting in and out of the pool the more ladder steps you have. However, if you have a ladder that has a deck, you won't need as many steps. Cleaning is easy with the Kreepy Krauly or other devices.

Above Ground Pool Ladders

Most above ground attachments have separate functions and it usually requires two separate ladders, one which helps ascend the side of the pool and the other to enter or exit the water. The first kind is usually attached to a basic freestanding deck. The ladder allows a person to enter the deck and the other ladder descends into the pool for safe entry. This type of ladder requires assembly and it can be done quite easily but to ensure the safety of everyone it is better to have it professionally installed.

Most above ground attachments are made of various metals and a few have vinyl coatings but the colors are very limited. There are usually two choices, chrome and white. Do not paint the ladder because that might compromise the safety of people. Painting the ladder makes it very slippery. It is better to be safe than be artistic. You can also put anti skid pads on the ladder steps. These are usually white but they may come in different colors. The pads provide a surface that isn't slippery and it gives your feet something to grip.

How to Choose the Right Pool Ladder

These ladders are useful, durable and a very important addition to swimming pools. There are above ground pool ladders and other types. They can be made from concrete or fiberglass, shallow or deep. This is a guide that will help you in choosing the right pool ladder.

· Check your pool. In order to get the right ladder, you must check your pool. Some ladders need to be mounted while some needs to be installed during the time the pool is constructed. Some can be retrofitted. There are pre-molded swimming pools may have grooves where a ladder can be fitted. This makes installation easier. It is particularly essential to check the bottom of the pool. There might be a need to drill holes in the bottom of the pool and the decking for firm installation.
· Choose the correct ladder style. As mentioned earlier there are many types of pool ladders above ground. The most common type of pool ladder is the classic style ladder. This is the kind you will most likely find in swimming pools today. These are made from resilient steel with rubber steps for added grip. Ladders come with different number of steps, depending on the depth of the water. Different models can be mounted in different ways. You can even find models that emulate staircase-style steps for the added visual appeal. Pool ladders like this are usually made from molded resin.

· Positioning of the pool ladder. There are numerous types of handrails to choose from. The most common is the looped, triangular grab rails that provide a variety of places to grip. U-shaped handrails are suitable for young swimmers. Remember that ladders are meant to provide safety and protection to swimmers, young and old alike, so do not settle for cheap models. Shoddy installations and cheap models may save you money but you'll put yourself and your family at risk. Ladders can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to $600. Always check for sturdiness when buying a ladder. The kind of ladder may also affect the total cost of in-ground pool prices because they are sometimes included in the kit.

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